10 Best Colleges In Cincinnati

Cincinnati is known to be a place where many great colleges are hence, students like to apply there. If you are interested in going to a college in Cincinnati, this post “10 Best Colleges In Cincinnati” will help narrow your options. We also talked about University of Cincinnati and God’s Bible School and College. As well as Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science and Mount Saint Joseph University.

Schooling in Cincinnati is one of the best decisions a student can make for their academic life. Universities and colleges in Cincinnati offer accessible education as well as Bachelor’s degree and technical certificate. Asides being great for students academic prospects, Cincinnati is also a beautiful city for research purposes as well. In this post we shall talk exhaustively about the best colleges in Cincinnati, their features, cost and many others. Keep reading this article and you just might find the best university for you or your kids!

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About Colleges in Cincinnati

Cincinnati currently houses at least 24 colleges at the moment around it. These include 16 private colleges and universities, 6 public colleges as well as 1 community college. However, the community college only offers a 2 years degree. Amongst all of the colleges in the city, a few are known for their exceptional dedication to education. Thus we shall now take a look at some of them and why they stand out amongst others. We will now talk about the 10 Best Colleges In Cincinnati.

10 Best Colleges In Cincinnati

Although there are quite a number of Colleges in Cincinnati, below are the best amongst them. Students from these colleges have been known to be outstanding thereby adding positively to the world. The 10 Best Colleges in Cincinnati are;

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University of Cincinnati

Established in 1819 as Cincinnati College, University of Cincinnati is a public research university. It is currently the oldest higher institution in the whole of Cincinnati as well as the largest university in Ohio. The University of Cincinnati has 4 major campuses scattered around Batavia, Blue Ash, Ohio and Heights and Corryville. University of Cincinnati or UC as it is fondly called is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. There are about 14 constituent colleges in UC and they offered programs in Law, Music, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Humanities etc. In addition to this, UC was the first university that had a co-operative education model implemented. It is rated number one among the 10 Best Colleges In Cincinnati.

Although pursuing admissions to UC can be quite expensive, however the success rate of students is worth it. Tuition in UC costs about $14,000 for residents and about $29,000 for international students. Thus comparing these figures with the average earning of residents which is $11,000, it is on the high side. The acceptance rate into UC is 70% and graduation rate 68%. Also, they offer scholarship for students as well and you need to subscribe to their website to keep in touch.

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Xavier University

A private university located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Xavier University is a private Liberal arts Jesuit University. It is ranked as the 6th oldest Catholic University in the U.S and also the 4th oldest Jesuit University. Asides the main campus in Ohio, the school also has regional locations for Nursing program in Columbus and Cleveland. Previously, Xavier University has gone by the names Athenaeum (1831-1840) and St. Xavier College (1840-1930). Also, the University has both Religious and academic affiliations; Roman Catholic and AJCU, ACCU, GCCCU respectively. They also have an athletic team, Xavier Musketeers, who compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association

Students seeking to be admitted into Xavier university should be rest assured as they have a 84% acceptance rate. However, the graduation rate is about 60%. Tuition for this university is estimated at a cost of $31,642 however, you need extra $19,000 for other miscellaneous expenses. By and Large, it is safe to deduce that this university is quite expensive as you need about $60,000 to go here.

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God’s Bible School and College

Just like the name implies, this a thoroughly religious school founded in 1900 in Ohio. The school follows the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition, also known as the Methodist tradition. It is a really small school with about 320 students and is also affiliated with Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges. The college actually started as a diploma course however, in 1936, it was standardized into a regular 4 year course. In addition to this, Department of Education in Ohio also gave them permission to issue out baccalaureate degrees.

Furthermore, the acceptance rate into this university is set at 65% which is relatively good. They also have a graduation rate of 50%, an equally fair chance. Full tuition and accommodation in this college is set at $17,000. When applying to this university, bear in mind that mostly offer religious programs as well as family and community services.

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The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences

This is a small private institution in Ohio that mostly offers Medicine related majors. Some of the majors offered include Nursing, Healthcare Management as well as Liberal Arts and Humanities. The school has about 608 undergraduate students seeing as admissions are quite competitive. In addition to this being a small establishment, graduated students go on to earn $51,300 as start up salary. This a really mouth watering offer that should be grabbed by nursing students. Acceptance rate into the university is 64% and graduating rate is also high as well. Tuition in this university is estimated to be about $34,000. It is the best medicine college among the 10 Best Colleges In Cincinnati.

Union Institute and University

Rated to be one of the best universities ins Cincinnati, Union Institute and University offers 50 degree programs. In addition to these programs, they also offer programs for Master’s degree as well as Doctoral degrees. The University is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has regional campuses I’m Florida and California. Union Institute and University was founded in 1964 and overseen by Karen Schuster Webb. Seeing as it a private institution, tuition is quite on the high side. Hence residents pay $40,000 while international students pay $83,000 as Full tuition including accommodation.

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Mount Saint Joseph University

Founded in 1920, Mount Saint Joseph University, popularly known as The Mount, is a Private Roman Catholic University. They offer about 48 undergraduate programs as well as 9 associate degrees. In addition to these, they also offer Pre-professional and certificate programs, including graduate programs. Graduating rate at this university is 44% and acceptance rate is set at 63%>. The common programs at this university include:

  • Registered nursing
  • Early Childhood education and teaching
  • Biology and Biological sciences
  • Business administration and management
  • Natural sciences
  • Liberal Arts and sciences
  • Criminology.

Before scholarship from government  tuition costs about $46,000 however, it is reduced to $18,000 after aid.

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Art Academy of Cincinnati

Accredited by the National Association of School of Arts and design, this is a Private college of arts and design. The Art Academy of Cincinnati was founded in 1869 as a department of University of Cincinnati. However, in 1887, it became a school on it’s own, the museum school of the Cincinnati Art Museum. Furthermore, the school legally separated from the museum in 1998 and became an independent college of arts. The Art Academy of Cincinnati are now housed in a new facility that gives 24 hour access to students with maximum security. In addition to this, students are being given their personal studio space to create art as well.

The best thing about AAC is that they have an acceptance rate of 100%! This means that there is more chances of you getting accepted that being rejected. However, graduation rate is set at 49% which means it is a really competitive school. Tuition and accommodation fee is set at $50,000 before aid and $30,000. The Art Academy of Cincinnati is easily one of the best universities in the U.S.

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Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science

This is also a small establishment in Ohio with an enrollment of 129 students. It offers majors in Nursing, Health sciences as well as Medical assistance. Alumni of this university get a starting salary of $48,200 and has a 89% acceptance rate as well. Tuition to this university is $32,000 before aid and $26,000 after aid. They also offer a 4 degree program and is a private college.

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science

Popularly known as CCMU, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is a private mortuary science college in Springfield. It is the oldest of its kind in United States of America. The school was formally known as Clarke School and had its first class on 8th of March, 1882. However, it was called Cincinnati College of Embalming before being given its current name in 1966. The college offers bachelor’s degree in mortuary science and funeral service. Tuition for Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is 17% cheaper than the average tuition of Ohio colleges. It has an estimated fee of $34,000 for 4 years.

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Athenaeum of Ohio

Formerly known as St. Francis Xavier Seminary, The Athenaeum of Ohio is a Catholic seminary in Cincinnati. It was established in 1829 by Edward D. Fenwick, who was the first Bishop in Cincinnati. Also, it is the oldest Catholic seminary in the United States of America and offer a 7 degree program as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Colleges are in Cincinnati?

There are about 23 colleges in Cincinnati. 16 private colleges, 9 public and one community college.

What is the biggest college in Cincinnati?

The biggest college in Cincinnati is the College of Arts and sciences. It is the most diverse as well as the biggest, housing over 7,500 undergraduate students.

What is the best university in Cincinnati?

The best college in Cincinnati, Ohio is the University of Cincinnati.

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How many International students are in University of Cincinnati?

According to research, the university of Cincinnati has over 3000 students from 114 countries. There are still more in other regions as well.

Does the University of Cincinnati give scholarships for international students?

Yes! Their scholarship program is exclusively for international undergraduate applicants. The award usually range from $1000 to $15,000 yearly also, you can renew it through out your academic years.


We have looked at all the Best Colleges in Cincinnati, Ohio and established their fees. You should be able to easily pick out the university that best suits your area of interest. Follow our website and leave a comment below for more information.

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