Who is The Person President Buhari Respects In Nigeria And Why?

Who is The Person President Buhari Respects In Nigeria And Why?

On his birthday, President Muhammadu Buhari spoke well of the Secretary General of the Federal Government (SGF), Boss Mustapha.

At COVID-19, Buhari expressed his respect and admiration for the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee.

In a statement, his spokesman Garba Shehu praised the president for his work at the age of 65.

“Because of the enthusiasm and energy he puts into his work, my respect and admiration for Mustapha has grown significantly since he was appointed SGF,”

Mustapha, according to the Nigerian president, is a qualified person who has the trust and support of his colleagues.

Buhari praised him for his commitment to the country’s progress in fighting the disease.

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Other government officials should welcome each other from Mustapha, who is passionate and unique in his work for interpretation, the President said.

When Babachir Lawal was ousted in October 2017, Buhari called Mustapha SGF. Both men are from Adamawa state.

Prior to that, the federal secretary was the chief executive officer of the Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).

Mustapha is known for his hard work and humility, often referred to by engineers as the engine room.

He advised his staff and the public to take the official position that he preferred to be called only ‘SGF,’ with no prefix of ‘Your Owner. ”

“I’m going to make a strong statement. I don’t know where to get the name ‘Your Chief’, some names are made with peel banana.

“I often hear the term ‘governing governor,’ look at the rule of law; there is no such thing as a chief executive; it is the state governor.”

“I would like to be called SGF, please. Except for God’s favor, I do not find greater experience or expertise,” Mustapha added.

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