Who is the Nollywood Actor That Later Become A Priest? – GCFRNG

Who is the Nollywood Actor That Later Become A Priest? – GCFRNG.

The Nollywood film industry is one of the best film companies in Nigeria and Africa. Over the past year, the film industry has released a large number of actors / actresses.

Many movie lovers may think that life as a Nollywood actor is just Roses but you will be surprised that there is hatred and jealousy in the industry whose purpose is to make us – relax all the time. Elvis Agochukwu, a former Nollywood actor, is a great role model.

Elvis Agochukwu’s name should ring a bell if you are a serious movie lover. Elvis is as famous as Pecolo. Elvis Agochukwu is a Nollywood actor who grew up fast before he left suddenly.

He has appeared in many films alongside famous Nollywood stars such as Olu Jacob, Zubby Micheal, Jackie Appiah, Mercy Johnson, John Okafor, and more.

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Many Pecolo supporters have been wondering what happened to him since they last saw him on their Telivision screen. There are rumors that he has moved abroad, but everything has now come to light with the death of Nollywood actor Stanley Okoro.

A few days after Stanley Okoro’s death, Pecolo made some shocking revelations for the Nollywood theater and the only reason he stopped filming. According to the actor, he quit Nollywood due to extreme jealousy and hatred. Remember how Stanley Okoro was said to be poisoned?

Elvis Agochukwu is now an ordained Anglican priest, rather than an actor. Despite his success in the theater industry, he left behind everything to follow Jesus Christ and gain many souls for the kingdom of heaven.

Not many people will be able to do what Elvis Agochukwu did by abandoning his success, reputation, and money and decided to follow Jesus by working in his vineyard.

Indeed the story of Elvis Agochukwu has shown that money and fame will not give one peace but one can only have peace through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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