We’ve lost 30 doctors to Covid-19, says NMA -GCFRNG

We’ve lost 30 doctors to Covid-19, says NMA -GCFRNG

The President of the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, Professor Innocent Ujah has revealed that the medical sector lost up to 30 doctors to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

The renowned Consulting Obstetrician and Gynecologist also lamented the government’s non-payment of her death benefits and insurance so far despite the fact that they died in the line of duty.

In addition, Professor Ujah lamented that doctors, especially in the southeast, were owed up to two years’ salary, a fact that he said had already affected their morale and asked the affected states to pay for the backlog.

He said: “The NMA since the beginning of the pandemic has been very proactive, through advocacy and constructive engagements, dialogues and conversations.

“As soon as Covid was announced, we put a mechanism in place. We told the government what to do and they would not listen to us, otherwise we would not have had the many cases that we had.

“In the first four weeks of Covid, if Nigeria had closed its borders, we would not have had this because it was an imported disease and all we had to do was close the airlines, airports and land borders and stay at least four weeks, we would not have suffered so much.

“But still, we thank God that Nigerian doctors and other health workers rose to the mark.

“They showed resilience, commitment and that is why even in the face of deficiencies, we were working and we lost more than 20 to 30 doctors to Covid and you know that once a life is lost, it is not replaceable.

“The worst thing is that his death insurance has not been paid. And we think they should be paid for.

“We believe that your benefits and death insurance should be paid. And one way to encourage healthcare workers is to motivate them.

“Some of these basic things can be accomplished. We strongly believe that with adequate support from governments, our efforts to provide excellent health services to Nigerians will continue to improve.

“Everything that is bad in Nigeria is endemic. Poverty is endemic. Inflation is endemic. But we are not saying that doctors should go on strike.

“Doctors go on strike only as a last resort. All we need to talk about is that we be proactive in responding to the needs of physicians.

“Can you imagine that some states owe up to 21 months of back wages? Do you expect the doctors in those states to do their best?

“And most of these arrears are in the southeast. That is the truth of the matter. We have statistics for this.

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We’ve lost 30 doctors to Covid-19, says NMA -GCFRNG

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