This is mountain in my tongue – a review -GCFRNG

This is mountain in my tongue – a review -GCFRNG

Deborah brings together the extension of the human experience of love, life and mental health in her first collection of poems.

The images in the collection are fascinating and clinical, whether they explore the futility of a lover’s resignation in “Don’t Love Me” or examine a nation burdened by corruption, poverty, dirty politics, and violence at “the door. Lekki’s Toll, ”Or – as in“ Smitten ”- delve into the overwhelming power of love.

“Skull on the Nile” exposes the total exploitation of black nations at the hands of the West, which she does in the name of development and altruism. In “If I Had Pigeon Wings”, Deborah asks us to take care of ourselves as she writes: Fly like an eagle / high above the skies / towards an ocean of lights / waltz to the rhythm of the rain / shower in its sizzle / to clean your pain / sure you took a long time / before taking care of yourself / on this island of time / painting feelings on a lonely star / dancing with the flute of the delicious wind / jumping a skateboard / rolling and spinning, lunch and dinner / look for happy pills / eat in an open sleigh / sacrifice songs from the lips of a nightingale / stretch your cold heart at dawn / go out in love to a new morning.

Deborah brought flesh to flesh of surreal metaphors in the poem, “This Mountain on My Tongue.” To express your sincere concern for the children of the spectrum, write: “Hanging from the leaf of a mahogany / with the tongue tied in the sparks of a bristling fire / this explosion of reasoning and coded notes / caress your soul with empathy / engraved charges in hieroglyphs, speeches twisted in beguiling crypts / a horde of intentions betrayed by a language of expression / minds as illustrious as a lush garden / with ingrained instructions of compromises / embedded in non-raster sounds.

Bring our hands to your tongue / place our heart on the scale of your drowned lips / we are the bow in the curve of a daffodil / a town built to improve the bandwidth of humanity, the rainbow decanters, and the cauldron of all. beautiful things. Deborah did not fail to mention in the poem the malaise of corruption in her country, the antics of the traffic guards and the ruthless poise of the public officials in Lagos, “she Remember my words, as she writes:

Mark my words / watch and run / drive and burn / don’t hang out with road alchemists / or retail gospel evangelists / predict your forefathers’ story will invade your pocket / don’t turn at unmarked crosses / it’s a trap LASTMA officials officer to impound / your car and make a monkey with you / not following directions from inconsistent strangers / checking google map advice before taking that trip / not falling in love in December / it’s an emotionally homeless food ticket / and gauze for abandoned heart sores / don’t stand still and watch movies in open spaces / urchins will raid your pocket and help you search for your lost items / be wary of night buses / they are mostly bad / guys dressed up as drivers bus / not showing bill outdoors / or flipping phones with strangers … “

In this debut collection, Deborah Morenike Yisah vulnerablely raved about events under the sun at the behest of time. This is not only a fickle job, but also a winning one.

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This is mountain in my tongue – a review -GCFRNG

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