TG Omori speaks on why he stopped shooting with Asake: “We have done Enough”

Popular Nigerian music director and cinematographer, TG Omori, whose real name is ThankGod Omori Smith, has revealed the reasons behind his decision to stop working on music videos for the singer Asake.

Their collaboration dates back to the hit track “Organize” in 2022, but rumors started circulating when Asake chose a different director for his latest music videos. In an interview on the Zero Condition Podcast, TG Omori clarified that there is no animosity between them, and he believes in allowing people the freedom to explore new creative directions.

He emphasized that both he and Asake have created numerous music videos together, totaling around 12 videos. Despite their professional parting, they maintain a positive relationship. TG Omori stressed the importance of respecting the artist’s choices in the music business.

He explained, “Even in marriages, people sometimes choose to separate for a while. I believe we’ve done enough together, and we’re still on good terms. It’s a business, and ultimately, you must honor your client’s decisions.”

TG Omori also expressed his support for artists who want the freedom to experiment with new talents and styles, stating that he doesn’t want artists to feel obligated to work exclusively with him simply because of their previous collaborations.

He added, “I don’t understand why it’s a big deal. To me, it’s a testament to the strong bond I have with YBNL. Olamide and I go way back, and he’s the kind of person who ensures that everyone gets an opportunity. Before I worked with him, he was collaborating with other directors and gave me a chance to do my thing.”

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TG Omori acknowledged that Asake is now working with another creative and talented director, highlighting Olamide’s willingness to support various talents in the industry. He concluded by emphasizing that he doesn’t take it personally and remains grateful for his enduring relationship with YBNL.

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