Sufjan Stevens diagnosed with Guillian-Barre syndrome

Indie musician Sufjan Stevens has disclosed to his fans that he has been diagnosed with a rare and severe nerve condition after waking up one morning unable to walk. The 48-year-old American artist, known for his Oscar and Grammy-nominated song “Mystery Of Love” featured in the 2017 film “Call Me By Your Name,” shared that he is suffering from Guillain-Barre syndrome and is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Alongside a selfie taken beside his hospital bed, he explained that he experienced numbness, tingling, and loss of strength in his hands, arms, and legs. After undergoing various tests, he was diagnosed with this autoimmune disorder.

Stevens expressed gratitude for the doctors who administered immunoglobulin infusions and kept him stable during his two-week hospital stay, emphasizing that their efforts saved his life. Although he had plans to promote his upcoming album, “Javelin,” set to release next month, he is now focused on his recovery.

Guillain-Barre syndrome primarily affects the extremities, causing sensations of numbness, weakness, and pain, and can potentially be life-threatening. While it can affect individuals of all ages, it is more prevalent in adult males. Stevens remained optimistic, stating that most people with GBS regain the ability to walk within a year, and he is currently in his second week of rehabilitation, working diligently towards his recovery.

He expressed his determination to get better, expressed gratitude for the support he’s received, and acknowledged the dedication of caregivers worldwide. Stevens concluded his message, signing off as “yours truly from a wheelchair.” The accomplished multi-instrumentalist, known for playing various instruments including the guitar, banjo, keyboard, oboe, and horn, has released nine solo albums and is set to release his tenth in October.

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