Students in Dickson LGA use Market square as Classroom

Ekiye Akposeye, a public affairs analyst and convener of the PDP Alliance for Democracy (PAD), has expressed concern about the absence of classrooms in Ogobiri community, located in the Sagbama local government area, which was formerly governed by Seriake Dickson.

Akposeye revealed that this situation has forced students to use market squares as makeshift classrooms. He further emphasized the importance of addressing this issue, regardless of political affiliations, and pointed out that such a scenario reflects poorly on the party’s values.

He mentioned that he had received information suggesting that the governor had been made aware of the repercussions this could have on his second term campaign bid. As a result, the Commissioner for Education has been tasked with visiting the area.

Akposeye stated, “The common thought is for the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its governorship candidate not to be aware of the incident Ogobiri hence the hasty dispatch of the education commissioner, but sadly, the Ogobiri incident has been common knowledge for months and it is not something to politicize.”

He proposed a straightforward solution: construct classroom blocks in Ogobiri to provide a proper learning environment for the children, thus taking them off the streets and markets.

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