Senator Shehu Sani Narrowly Escapes Death As Bandits Bomb Railway – GCFRNG

Senator Shehu Sani Narrowly Escapes Death As Bandits Bomb Railway - GCFRNG

Senator Shehu Sani Narrowly Escapes Death As Bandits Bomb Railway – GCFRNG

Bandits on two different occasions allegedly attacked the Abuja-Kaduna railway, a former lawmaker said Senator Shehu Sani said the attack occurred on the night of Wednesday, October 20, and the early morning of Thursday, October 21. he confirmed the attack by canceling all scheduled trains and the sale of train tickets.

There was an alleged attack on the Abuja-Kaduna railway by bandits. A former lawmaker who represented central Kaduna in the 8th Senate, Shehu Sani, said bandits have attacked the Kaduna-Abuja train. The former legislator said the bandits’ attack occurred after they planted an explosive that damaged the train track. Senator Shehu Sani said the bandits attacked the railway twice in a row.

Shehu Sani Source: Facebook Sani said that the windshield of the train’s engine also broke and was damaged in the process, while the bandits opened fire on the travelers.

The senator who posted the details of the incident on his personal Facebook account said the bandits targeted the driver and tank of the locomotive on the night of Wednesday, October 20. He added that the train conductor struggled to advance towards Rigasa station in Kaduna. after last night’s attack. Sani said, “It happened between Dutse and Rijana stations.

The driver struggled to move towards Kaduna Rigasa station.” A second attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train In another twist of an event, the senator added that said bandits came for a repeated attack early the next day, Thursday, October 21, according to Sani, the second attack occurred when the boarded train ran over another explosive that damaged the railings of the train. He said: “This morning, I was on board when our train hit another railing damaged by explosives. The train almost went off the track and then we miraculously escaped.”

The former lawmaker called on the federal government and the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) to suspend all trains scheduled to run along the Abuja-Kaduna railway on Thursday, October 21, until new notice when the problem is addressed.

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) reacts To confirm the incident, the NRC has sent messages to all Nigerians using its ticketing app. Cooperation in his message said that all train services have been suspended due to unforeseen circumstances. NRC in its statement said: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, train services have been immediately suspended for the safety of our dear passengers.” “Efforts are underway to restore service. More information will be provided immediately after service is restored.” In a separate message, the NRC warned that the sale of train tickets has also been suspended for cooperation.

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