See What Omokri Said About Men Being Responsible For Cooking – GCFRNG

See What Omokri Said About Men Being Responsible For Cooking – GCFRNG

Former presidential aide, Pastor Reno Omokri believes women’s role in life is that of helpers.

The 47-year-old husband and father said men had been commanded by God to do most of the work while their wives are to act as helpers.

The author, human rights activist and lawyer tweeted that anything aside from this is contrary to God’s commandment.

He said, quoting some biblical verses: “It was Adam, the man, that God ordered to do the work on Earth-Genesis 2:15. The woman, Eve, was created by God to help him-Genesis 2:20. God did NOT create Eve to do the work for Adam. Women are created to be HELPERS, not WORK HORSES.”

Continuing, Omokri said that “every work, including cooking, cleaning, dishwashing, shopping for groceries and most importantly, child-raising, is the man’s work”.

“The woman is to HELP the man, not replace him as the person commanded by God to do the work,” he emphasised. “It is not manly to leave your wife to do all that work. It is disobedience to a direct command from God!”

Some of his followers have reacted to the tweet.

“Sometimes u make sense. Sometimes you don’t… im not saying to work at home is bad. But this ur reference is not worth it oga boss,” one Twitter user said.

“Tufiakwa! In as much as I love cooking for my wife sometimes, I can never accept it as my responsibility,” another stated.

“After find what to eat for the family is my duty too to cook for my family now I understand why men no dey last,” another said.

A fourth user added: “Reno, ‘re-study’ this. You might have misunderstood the gender roles. Don’t forget, different genders excel in different duties because they are so created.”

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