See What A Nigerian Governor Said About Break-up Agitations – GCFRNG

See What A Nigerian Governor Said About Break-up Agitations – GCFRNG.

Osun State Governor Adegboyega Oyetola says he believes Nigeria’s economic reforms are in line with ongoing calls for the country to prosper.
Oyetola made the remarks in Abuja on Sunday when he appeared at the NAN Forum, the flagship conference of the media company.

People like Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo, often referred to as ‘Igboho’, are raising the issue of racism.

Oyetola opposes those who call the country corrupt, describing them as “invisible” and advocating for the allocation of political and political power to state governments.

There has been a strong call in Nigeria in recent years to restructure the country to address the issues of scrutiny as a beacon, to ensure equity, justice and fair play in the country.

A former monarch, Britain united nations 107 years ago in West Africa, to create the largest country in Africa but the process seems to have caused a lot of problems for the country forever.

According to Oyetola, each state and federal government has a human and natural contribution that everyone can make to support themselves if the community is well rehabilitated.

The governor said Nigerians had come a long way and should allow the current problems to be solved.

“People give different explanations for the word‘ reform ’.

“What I believe is that in order for us to live together as people, all sections of the campaign must have a clear mandate and function.

“For me, reorganization does not mean separation. Anyone who thinks in the line is not bad.

“We have come a long way and unity can get us to where we should be in the open world.

“We have all the tools to be great, so what needs to be done is not to focus on what divides us, but to look at what unites us.

“Let’s look at issues that can create unnecessary problems and solve them.

“I believe in the power of the state, so that the state can do more of what it does.

He said: “Give the states a lot of support, I believe we need to look at the issue of monetary policy. We need to allow the state more money in order to develop some of what they have.

“Yes, you can look at all these areas but not in terms of division. I can’t go for separation, ” Oyetola said.

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