See How Your Location Can Be Tracked Just From Your Phone And How To Stop It

See How Your Location Can Be Tracked Just From Your Phone And How To Stop It.

Your movements can be monitored within the Google Maps app on someone else’s phone… if you make this simple mistake, an expert warns. Researcher Pieter Arntz, who works for the well-known company Malwarebytes, has explained how he was able to track his wife’s condition suddenly without installing spyware or violating her password.

It turned out that the Google Play Store could be a perfect way to keep tabs on human status — as well as new status data displayed in Google Maps.

Malwarebytes security expert Arntz wrote a detailed blog post about his findings. In short, Arntz wants to install a paid Android app on his wife’s phone. Since he had already bought the software once for his own device, but could not find a reason to buy it again, Arntz logged into the Google Play store app on his wife’s phone, went to the list of apps he had previously purchased, and downloaded the software a.

He explained on the blog, “Everything went well, but when I installed the app and tested it and it worked, I forgot to opt out of Google Play.”

Back on his phone, Arntz began to see a bad situation appear in his location in Google Maps. For those who don’t know, Google Maps keeps tabs on your location when you use the app. It analyzes this data to make better recommendations – to show which restaurant or restaurant is closer to your location than to another city or town, for example.

“I started to see amazing things but I couldn’t put my finger on what was happening. It showed me where I was, but I had never seen it,” he said. He turned on the Google Maps app on Arntz’s phone to track his wife’s whereabouts — put his Google account in the Play Store app-in his pocket.

The only way his wife would know that something was wrong (as well as someone who could access his location data) was a small profile photo next to the Google Play app store. Ironically, after retrieving the event and leaving his wife’s Google Play store app, Arntz discovered that he could still keep his movements within his Google Maps app.

He explains: “After I left Google Play on my wife’s phone, the issue was not resolved. After digging, I learned that my Google account was added to my wife’s phone account when I logged on to the Play Store, but it wasn’t removed when I appeared when I saw the tracking word. “

Malwarebytes, a well-known company in California, is one of the founders of Coalition Against Stalkerware, designed to protect people from being spied on. Spyware and applications called stalkerware are a growing problem.

Google Play Store threats do not count as spyware o Nevertheless, hackers can use it to produce a result.

Eva Galperin, of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the defect underscores the importance of taking into account domestic bullying situations when testing plans. He said: “One of the most dangerous times in the domestic violence situation is when the survivor tries to hand over their digital life to their abusers. That is when the data of the survivors can fall into this type of organizational problem and the consequences can be devastating. “

Malwarebytes has provided print reports to Google to highlight the controversy. In the meantime, if you have used your login on friends and family devices and avoided paying for apps, movies, eBooks or music more than once, it may be worth checking your login account. your phone.

To do that, go to Settings> Accounts in the background> Manage Account. This will display a list of all authorized accounts on your device. You can remove anything you don’t know… as these will get GPS data collected by your celebrity.

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