See How to Remove Unused File That Is Blocking Your Memory Card Space.

See How to Remove Unused File That Is Blocking Your Memory Card Space.

Have you ever wondered what consumes your memory space on your phone? Of course, I also had the same issue until I came up with a lasting solution that you will know in a few minutes. Suppose you have 16gb of memory and you do not have many videos, photos or even apps installed on your phone, however, your phone always tells you that you do not have enough memory.

Anyway, I will share with you how to delete some hidden files on your phone, which saves space on your phone without releasing any of your files while deleting them.

1) Start the file manager on your phone.

2) When you open the file manager, on the right side of your phone, click the menu icon.

3) Tick the hidden file in the menu icon.

4) After that, open the DCIM folder in your file manager.

5) In the DCIM folder, you will find the name of the hidden file called “Thumbnails”. This file contains your video clips, photos and all your application icons. Deleting this folder will not cause you to lose anything on your phone. Most of the time, this folder usually has more than 3gb.

6) After clearing the shortcuts, click the “+” icon in your file manager and create a new file. Call the new folder “thumbnail” only you can delete the first one.

7) Restart your phone and make sure that your phone memory is forgotten and that it will start to work properly.

In conclusion, have you tried the following methods I listed above earlier? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below and share this story with all your friends.

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