Sacked OpenAI boss Sam Altman to join Microsoft.

This article is generally informative on how Sam Altman is joining Microsoft after being sacked as OpenAI; Read through ….

Sam Altman is joining Microsoft after ending speculation he might return to OpenAI in just 48hours.

The Microsoft Chief executive Satya Nadella tweets that Mr Altman may be joining Microsoft to be part of leading a new advanced AI research team. Writing on X he regarded the job to be once in a lifetime opportunity. But he felt really uncomfortable regarding how Mr Altman was sacked which wasn’t handled fairly and which cost damages on our trust. The entire board of members dismissed Sam Altman on Friday 2023, clearly stating he had lost confidence in him and finally named OpenAI’s chief technology officer, Mira Murati as new interim chief executive. It was stated that numerous number of Silicon Valley bosses offered support which involves the former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt who called Mr Altman a hero of mine “. Mr Altman couldn’t believe he is joining Microsoft that he played as one of the pioneers that invested billions in the ChatGPT maker.

On Friday 2023, when OpenAI made the announcement of firing Mr Altman, it said to be accused of not being consistently stable in his communications with the board.

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