Russians Citizens fights for an Ukraine passport.

Ukraine war: The Russians fighting for a Ukraine passport.

Under this article you will read about Russians citizens Fights for Ukrainian’s passport as Galina a legal Russian insists that she can’t get a job and feel insecure towards her bank account may be blocked.

Presently after Russia launched their complete scale invasion, the Ukraine’s national bank paused all financial services to all. Russian Including Belarusian citizens but it doesn’t affected citizens that has a residence permit.

Galina speaks up as a legally Russian citizen.

Galina speaks up as a  legally Russian citizen.

Galina did not accept the Motion because of her passport, she couldn’t get a job and still be panicking against her bank account may be blocked. She is presently pregnant and was not given access to free state health services because she’s legally not Ukrainian. Galina was born in Ukraine and she speaks and understands Ukraine language and also the husband serves in Ukrainian army and she resides in central Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia.

Galina can still successfully apply for a Ukrainian passport for citizenship which the process states that they will physically give up their Russian citizenship and it will be resolved. Again Anastasia Leonova declared why she chooses to be part of Ukraine .

Anastasia relocation was as an effect of her online criticism of Russia’s 2014 annexation of crimea and backing of separatist militants.

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