Reviewers’ introduction to Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60 -GCFRNG

Reviewers’ introduction to Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60 -GCFRNG

“If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true” – John 5:31

In the coming weeks and months, this book, “Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60” will attract the attention of art editors from across the Nigerian media space and other critics. This is simply an introduction to what is to come.

Following the scripture cited above, a book like this, made up of testimonials from others, is more valid than biographies and autobiographies.

There are too many books in the world. The Bible, once again, says: “There is no end to making many books …”

But I tell you that there are not enough good books in the world, and there will never be enough good books in the world because the appetites of lovers of good books are so voracious that no matter how many good books you produce, everything will be consumed by people like Gbenga Adefaye, Eze Anaba, Uncle Sam and those who make good books like this one possible.

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Yes, everyone who contributed to this book, especially the chapter authors, is a lover of good books, because you cannot be a good writer without being a good reader. In addition to telling Adefaye’s story from the perspective of other media men, “Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60” is a collection of samples of the writing skills of some of the best Nigerian writers in the media.

While we are talking about good books, there is a related issue that needs to be addressed: the same concern facing the publication of newspaper print copies also faces the creation of books. Just as we wonder if the publication of newspaper print copies is going to die as a result of online publishing and online media, we also wonder if print copies of books will die due to the manufacture of e-books.

Gbenga Adefaye, the subject of this book under review, strongly believes in the theory that just as the advent of television did not end radio, online media will not end newspapers.

There are other valid bases for this theory: the invention of the camera and photography did not end the visual arts such as painting and sculpture; recorded music did not end the demand for live music performances, and home videos have failed to bury theater arts and film.

“Books as works of art” is an interesting and appropriate catchphrase from TCI Magazine, the book publisher that published “Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60”. The company insists that every copy of a book it makes and sells is made and sold as a work of art rather than just a book.

Making books is an art. If a painting artwork, for example, can be sold for millions of dollars, there shouldn’t be too much money to sell a good book produced as a work of art.

No work of art is perfect. Ihe dinmma n’eweghi ntupo adighi is a profound philosophical expression in Igbo. It means “a beautiful thing without blemish does not exist.” Similarly, as a work of art, there is no such thing as a perfect, beautiful, and good book. A stain, a blemish somewhere, or an imperfection does not detract from the beauty of a good book created as a work of art.

By scratching the story of Gbenga Adefaye through this book, and by giving testimonies about him, the history of Nigerian media and journalism is also scratched; I say scraped because the story of Gbenga Adefaye and Nigerian media and journalism is too broad to be exhaustive. captured in a book. But this “scratch”, however meager, is in fact a significant scratch that opens a significant window that leaves us with a good insight into the person of Adefaye and contemporary Nigerian media and journalism.

As such, this book, “Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60”, is therefore a must-read for every journalist, academic and student of communication and media studies, other media professionals, academics, students of mass communication, public relations professionals. , Media relations professionals, marketing communications professionals, government and government agencies who should be interested in the media and of course all consumers of media products.

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Reviewers’ introduction to Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60 -GCFRNG

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