Police Keeps quiet about Murder suspect escape from Prison for 6 days

Kevin Mason, a 28-year-old suspect wanted on a murder warrant in Minnesota, was mistakenly released from jail due to a clerical error after his arrest in Indiana. Authorities launched a massive manhunt to locate him. Mason was apprehended on September 11 in Indianapolis on multiple warrants from different jurisdictions in Minnesota, including one for homicide, parole violation, and firearms possession. He had been charged with second-degree murder related to a 2021 shooting in Minneapolis. Mason was mistakenly released on September 13 due to a clerical error, which was promptly discovered. The error led to the termination of two inmate records clerks.

A relentless manhunt has been underway, with authorities emphasizing that there is no imminent threat to the public. It is believed that Mason has been in Indianapolis since 2021 and may have assistance in evading capture. The U.S. Marshals Task Force and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are involved in the search. Locals are urged to contact Crime Stoppers or 911 with tips, but not to approach Mason if spotted. Mason is described as 5-foot-9, 200 pounds, with distinct tattoos, including a cross under his left eye and “SUB” on his chest.

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