Pharmaceutical sales, marketing unite as SPSMN debuts -GCFRNG

Pharmaceutical sales, marketing unite as SPSMN debuts -GCFRNG

To enable the participation of sales and marketing professionals in the Nigerian pharmaceutical space through fluid interaction, networking, exchange of ideas and best practices, a professional body known as the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Products Sales and Marketing Society, SPSMN, made their debut recently.

Providing a single and unifying platform for each and every sales and marketing professional in the Nigerian pharmaceutical space, regardless of their academic background, the Society is designed to enable discussion of common problems, challenges and opportunities, developing thus best practices and professionalism in the industry. .

Speaking in Lagos during the Society’s public presentation / launch, SPSMN President Pharm Tunde Oyeniran said that the body would give voice and identity to working professionals who contribute money to the coffers of their respective organizations, such as APIN, NAIROPHARM, PMGMAN, etc.

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She said that the Society is an inclusive global organization focused on the sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals in Nigeria and includes pharmacists and non-pharmacists working in the sales and marketing department.

“We are a professional body with some element of self-regulation. The simple idea here is to provide a single, unifying platform for each and every sales and marketing professional in the Nigerian pharmaceutical space, regardless of their educational background.

The platform is to allow us to interact, network, share ideas and best practices, discuss common problems, challenges and opportunities, thereby developing best practices and professionalism.

“Let me point out here that our main aspirational goals of the SPSMN are to foster unity among members and to pursue the individual and group interests of pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals / staff in Nigeria. In this society, each member will be respected and valued, and the only differentiation will be the performance and results delivered to our respective employers, ”said Oyeniran.

In addition, he highlighted benefits such as networking opportunities, discussing common issues and influencing the pharmaceutical sector to facilitate work and improve the sector.

“Members of the public at one point or another become patients and the patient is at the center of every healthcare professional’s work. So, we are going to see that the commercialization of pharmaceutical products is done in the most ethical way and in such a way that it benefits society in general.

Our expectations in the immediate future will be in line with what we can contribute, ”said Oyeniran.

The pharmaceutical marketing function, in fact, the pharmaceutical sector faces many challenges that we believe that SPSMN can contribute to solve, either alone or in cooperation and collaboration with other stakeholders.

Such problems include but are not limited to inadequate knowledge.

Among these, she said, are poor ethics and a lack of integrity on the part of some sections of the stakeholders; credit-driven sales; indebtedness of government institutions and agencies, among others.

Also speaking, the keynote speaker, Professor Lere Baale, said that the country’s businesses and organizations should take advantage of the benefits of sales and marketing alignment that the SPSMN can provide.

In his presentation, Baale pointed out that the misalignment between sales and marketing is failing companies around the world so much that misalignment is costing companies more than a trillion dollars per year, even when he called for the union of the sales and marketing leaders as a team.

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