PDP Made It Clear That Anambra Gubernatorial Election Can’t Be Manipulated – GCFRNG

PDP Made It Clear That Anambra Gubernatorial Election Can’t Be Manipulated – GCFRNG

By Peter Okutu
The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, South East constituency, said over the weekend that no one could manipulate the Anambra governorship election that will take place on November 6 in the country.

The PDP vice-president for the South East region, Chief Ali Odefa made the announcement during a community meeting at the Salt Lake Hotel, Abakaliki, organized to honor the party’s candidate for the Anambra by-elections, Vincent Ozigbo. , added that anyone trying to do this. , should, first, write his opinion and face the consequences.

“This man is a destiny. God bless you with a governor as the next governor. If you write the Anambra Election results, you will not go out to see it. Elections must be free. You cannot write any more results and your vote will count.

“It is not possible to record the results of Ebonyi in Anambra state. Before doing so, first write down your thoughts. We will vote for the PDP in the November elections. Just as God will liberate Anambra, He will also liberate Ebonyi State. ”

Addressing a large crowd gathered in his honor, Vincent Ozigbo, the PDP candidate in the upcoming Anambra state elections explained that what the country is doing is the result of bad governance.

He promised to restore the glory of Anambra, if he is elected Governor of the State even as he assured the Anambra people living in Ebonyi State of his ability to repair the damaged state infrastructure.

“What we are suffering in Nigeria is the result of good governance. Anambra should be a national fire. The light has become so great that we are amazed. It is time to rekindle that hope and rewrite the story.

“Anambra will soon be the best state in our country. We want to change Anambra where the equipment will start to work. We have declared our principles for Government. We intend to bring the relationship between the center and other states in the region closer together.

“When we finally fix Anambra, you will be proud of it. Ebonyi is the first state I visited after my emergence as a PDP politician. “

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