UN rejects dangerous drone strike on civilians over kaduna bombing.

Under this news article, it’s about the dangerous drone strikes that accidentally killed about 126 civilians.Read for more. Kaduna Bombing on civilians. Nigerian army drone targeting armed groups killed at least 85 civilians by mistake on Sunday in northwest Kaduna State, causing outrage over one of the country’s deadliest military bombing accidents. The United Nations … Read more

King Ekioemi congratulates Gov. Diri on a successful election.

Under this article, it’s about the congratulatory message to Governor of Bayelsa Douye Diri over election Victory. Douye Diri wins Governor of Bayelsa State. King Ekioemi, sents his congratulatory message on Wednesday noted that Gov. Diri’s re-election for a second tenure was victory for all Bayelsans and urged all political actors, especially his co-constants, to work … Read more

Niger coups, Burkina Faso and Mali to power insecurity in West Africa.

Under this piece of information, this is about an joint collaboration to power insecurity across Wes Africa in conjunction with Ecowas. to power insecurity across west Africa. ECOWAS to power insecurity across west Africa. The ECOWAS Commission President, Omar Touray, made this conducive welcoming statement at the 51st Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Mediation and … Read more

Hostage families on protest as Israel faces the pressure.

This is an interesting article to read and stay updated via Israel on a heat of pressure as hostages families protest. Israel under pressure from the families of hostages. Few representatives have published a letter to the war cabinet which states: “We have received solid intelligence that there are abductees whose condition has deteriorated and … Read more

Israel snatch missile fired via Red Sea.

Read below to comprehend the full details via Israel snatch missile fired via Red Sea. Israel missile over Red Sea. According to the army; The missile did not enter Israeli territory, Following sirens that sounded in Eilat in southern Israel, Israel’s military said its missile defense system that snatch a surface-to-surface missile that was launched … Read more

Few Gaza hostages is in danger says families.

Under this post, you will read how disheartening the families in Gaza complains about their safety: Read down for breakdowns. Immediate danger to few hostages in Gaza. We just received solid intelligence that there are abductees whose condition has deteriorated and are now in immediate danger due to untreated injuries or illnesses and Israel has … Read more