Oyo Jailbreak: 392 inmates at large; Wakili, Shodipe’s whereabouts unknown -GCFRNG

Oyo Jailbreak: 392 inmates at large; Wakili, Shodipe’s whereabouts unknown -GCFRNG

The Minister of the Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, promised yesterday to pursue and recover all the inmates, who escaped from the Abolongo Custody Center of the Nigerian Correctional Service, NCoS, in Oyo state on Friday night, during an escape after a fierce attack on the facility by unidentified gunmen.

The minister gave the assurances during a visit to the facility in Oyo, Oyo state, saying: “The series of attacks on our custody facilities, the latest of which occurred here on Friday night, is of great concern.

“First in our society and, secondly, in their professionalism (of the officials). This is unacceptable and we are saying “enough is enough.

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“I assure Nigerians that the federal government will go after not only those who attacked our facilities, but also those who escaped legal custody.

“The attack was inconceivable. I congratulate the correctional service officers and other members of the sister security agencies, who provided security at the perimeter of our facility to fight bravely and hold the fort before the attackers could access the awaiting trial section of the installation.

“However, those who escaped are already being hunted. Some have been detained again, many more will still be captured, ”said the minister.

Giving more details about those who escaped, Aregbesola noted that 446 of the 907 fugitives have been recaptured, while 69 never left the facility.

“At last count, 446 of the fugitives have been recaptured, leaving 392 still at large. We want to assure Nigerians that the service has an up-to-date database of fugitives that includes their biometrics.

“We share the database with all law enforcement agencies in the country, including Interpol, so that those who escape our recovery efforts can be caught.

“For those who are fleeing, rest assured that they have nowhere to hide. You can run, but you can’t hide. We will catch you!

“We are publishing details of those who escaped in the media so that the public can help in that effort.

“This matter is being investigated and we will leave no stone unturned to get to the root of the matter: the remote and immediate causes and the vulnerability of our system and personnel, if applicable.

“There will not be a repeat of our guards being overwhelmed again. This is an anomaly that should never be repeated.

“The Federal Republic of Nigeria cannot be overwhelmed. Our guards will do whatever it takes to avoid being overwhelmed again. “

“We are going to hunt down every inmate who escaped from custody. We will hunt them to the ends of the earth.

“All the security agencies in the country are on his trail. We will not rest or tire until we bring in the last one, dead or alive. “

“I must add that it is a crime, punishable by jail time, to offer any kind of assistance, not even to give a glass of water, to any inmate who has escaped from legal custody.

“You cannot help them in any way, absolutely, cash, food, clothing, medical care, employment, road direction, and any form of assistance except to encourage them to turn themselves in and report their sighting to the police. . “

“The Federal Government, however, magnanimously, is giving them a small window to surrender voluntarily, so they will be pardoned for escaping from custody, but not for the crime they have committed,” reiterated the minister.

On the effort to rebuild the damaged part of the facility, the minister said: “I have instructed the NCoS GC to immediately begin the reconstruction of the damaged parts of the building. We hope the facilities will be safer and more livable for inmates. “

Earlier, Governor Seyi Makinde, who visited the attacked center, ordered the immediate installation of security cameras at the facility and link them with the security situation room in the state and the immediate leveling of the main road leading to the facility.

Speaking against speculation that the arrested Fulani chieftain Iskilu Wakili and Akinyele’s suspected serial killer Sunday Shodipe were among the escaped prisoners, Makinde said: “About the high-profile suspects here, people start to talk really fast about conspiracy theories.

“What I can say is that the investigation is still ongoing. Yes, there were high-profile criminals who were detained at this facility, but they are not the people they were carrying the rumor about.

“Once again, I will appeal for our people to be calm. We have challenges across the country: banditry, insurgency, and terrorism. And we can only deal with those issues when we have people aligned with what the leadership is trying to do. “

“Therefore, they must believe that their leaders will tell them the exact situation at the right time.”

Corroborating Makinde’s position, Deputy Comptroller General, Nigerian Correctional Service Operations, NCoS, Tukur Muhammad Hamad, said: “I have been here since Saturday when this happened and we are investigating.

“Very soon, the investigation report will be delivered to my Comptroller General.

“But I want to say this clearly, in the custody center, we don’t have any high-profile inmates.

“The only person we have here is that person who has a case with EFCC and for his information, he is still with us here.

“That is the situation on the ground now. So Iskilu Wakili and Sunday Shodipe are not here.

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Oyo Jailbreak: 392 inmates at large; Wakili, Shodipe’s whereabouts unknown -GCFRNG

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