Ondo Bye-Election: PDP primary must not be engineered to favour any aspirant — Faro -GCFRNG

Ondo Bye-Election: PDP primary must not be engineered to favour any aspirant — Faro -GCFRNG

Before the by-elections of the Akure South / North House of Representatives in Ondo state, one of the aspirants of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Babatunde Faro has called for a transparent primary in the party.

Specifically, Faro said that the party’s primaries “should not be designed to favor any candidate.

Faro said in Akure that “all candidates competing under the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) for by-elections in the constituency can offer effective representation.

Let us remember that the death of the former party member in the House of Representatives, Hon. Adedayo Omolafe made the by-election necessary.

Faro pointed out that if the party can carry out a free, fair and credible primary that produces the best candidate and with overwhelming support from members and voters, the party will clearly defeat APC without further ado.

The 35-year-old former banker appealed to the party leadership to create a fair and balanced process for selecting the party’s standard bearer.

“The process should not be designed to favor any applicant. The party is blessed with very competent people who can easily fly the party flag during elections.

“It is at this juncture that I wish to praise the character and ability of other applicants such as Ms. Taye Omolafe, Princess Kemi Adesanya, Chief Bayo Alarapon, Lucky Adu and Mr. Dayo Awude.

“Any of these applicants can and clearly will provide effective representation to the people of Akure.”

However, Faro promised to carry out a campaign based on problems and not on character assassinations, adding that he would support any decision made by party delegates in the Primaries.

“For me, Babatunde Faro, political office is a call to serve. I am well equipped for this and will serve our people faithfully, support the family of the late Hon Omolafe, strengthen the party structure in the 2 LGAs while aggressively focusing on capacity building for women, youth and the elderly. “

He pointed out that the failure of the ruling APC at both the federal and state levels is an advantage for the PDP, and said Nigerians are tired of bad governance and bad governance by APC.

According to him, the late legislator’s giant strides in his federal constituency are another reason why people will cast their vote for whoever he emerges as the Popular Democratic Party candidate.

“I am very convinced that with the massive support of the members of the Popular Democratic Party and the clear failure of the APC leadership at all levels, people will come out en masse to support those who emerge as PPD candidates.

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Speaking about a consensus agreement, Faro said that “it is not a bad idea, but when the consensus becomes the imposition of the candidate on other candidates, it will bring disunity among the members.

“If the party comes up with a clear roadmap to promote this process and it is seen to be free and fair, I can assure you that I will be the one to emerge.

He said that “if we cannot reach a peaceful consensus, let us all go to the primaries and let the delegates and the voices of the party decide.

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