Obi Cubana Hosted 24 Gifts To Angle, She Could Be The Most Influential BBN Star Despite The Criticisms? -GCFRNG

Obi Cubana Hosted 24 Gifts To Angle, She Could Be The Most Influential BBN Star Despite The Criticisms? -GCFRNG

Leaving the bbnaija house to find exotic gifts and people who love her was not what Angel Smith expected according to some of her interviews and live broadcasts of Instagram.

This is because she has been the most criticized and misunderstood roommate due to her dress pattern and feminist ideology. According to Angel, she expected to be dragged out as soon as she finished the reality show, but all she has felt since was anything but love and encouragement.

Angel at the club

As a controversial and severely criticized BBN star, it was assumed that she would not deserve people’s love and would even be the least housemate people would give away to, but Angel not only received 24 gifts ranging from a money cake of the tower, the latest iPhone. 13, custom website, she was also hosted as the first BBN female star by popular entrepreneur Obi Cubana at the new club she recently launched.

All of this happening in such a short time begs her to wonder if Angel is behind her to become the most influential BBN 2021 star despite the criticism that followed her when she was in the house.

To answer this question, I think Angel is on her way to becoming a force to be reckoned with. Close observation shows that of all the housemates who received gifts from their fans, Angel, apart from White Money, who received a car, received the most gifts. Her large fan base has made her influential, so influential that she was greeted by billionaire Igbo businessman Obi Cubana, who was also voted man of the year.

Having a man like Obi Cubana host Angel and make her the host of his club for just one night shows just how much influence Angel has. Angel is a vibe and a talented personality that people want to tango with. I think this is the beginning of greatness for the 21-year-old who was underrated.

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