North Central Bent On Taking Over 2023 Presidency – GCFRNG

North Central Bent On Taking Over 2023 Presidency – GCFRNG

North Central regional leaders under the auspices of the North Central Renaissance Movement, NCRM, on Tuesday, called on two political leaders, the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to apply for their presidential ticket in 2023 area for welfare and justice.

The group made the remarks at an international media conference in Abuja yesterday, saying it was time for other regional political parties to rally behind North Central to elect another Nigerian president.

In his opening remarks, the party’s chairman, Dr Nghargbu K’tso, said the region would not accept the presidency of any political party, stressing that there was nothing less than the office of the president. of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is good for North Central in 2023.

He said North Central has not yet produced a president or a democratic president, in the history of the country, adding that as a result, other regions should give North Central land by 2023.

According to a press release issued at the end of a one-day press conference, the group said, “From 1960 to the present, apart from the time of involvement in Nigerian politics, the North Central region has not had a chance to field a nominee. Our President is Nigeria. .

Statement by the co-chairman of NCRM, Dr. Nghargbu K’tso, the party’s secretary general, Aliyu Mustapha and the public relations officer, Chief Alexander Onoja, added that “as the APC and PDP prepare for their national convention., We are shaken like political juggernauts government and state elders from North Central are starting to vote for the same level in both groups.

“It is as if our leaders have come to the conclusion that despite their many years in power such as governors, legislators or ministers, they have a code of inappropriate, unqualified or is apart from competing to fly the flag of their party as a politician.

“By all accounts, they do not see themselves emerging as vice presidents. The question is why?

“This idea, whether real or imagined, is one that our generation will stop before it can affect and affect our future generation in North Central. There is no better time than the current political era to put an end to it. by showing that we too have the same freedom as fellow citizens from every corner of our society.

“It is in this sense that we, the North Central Renaissance Movement, NCRM, demand that welfare, equality and justice be handed over to the Office of the President of Nigeria in North Central.”

Asked if the aim of the group was to have the support of regional governors, Dr K’tso said no state president from North Central was opposed to the people’s decision to create a president in Nigeria in 2023.

“Governors are people’s representatives. They can do nothing against the will of the people they have appointed. They are not only governors but they are elected by the people. So, I do not see any one of them working against the call and patriotism of the people to have one of us be at the highest level in the country, “he said.

At this press conference, delegates from Plateau, Niger, Kwara, Kogi, Nasarawa and Benue states as well as the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

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