Non- indigenes absolve Monarch of imposing igbo leader in Ondo -GCFRNG

The crisis over the Eze Ndigbo chieftaincy title in Akure, the Ondo state capital took a new dimension as non indigenes yesterday absolved the traditional ruler of the town, Deji of Akureland, Oba Aladelusi Aladetoyinbo of alleged imposition of the lgbo leader.

Recall that some lgbos in the state alleged that the monarch imposed High Chief Titus Umenweke as the new Leader after he lost in an election.

But, the Association of non- indigene in the state capital at a Press Conference in Akure denied leadership crisis within the Igbo Community in Akure.

Their spokesperson who is the leader of the Idoma in the state, Chief Luis Abali Moses said that “the allegation of imposition was sponsored by disgruntled element.

Moses said that “We want to restate that High Chief Titus Umenweke JP had since being installed and remained the leader of the Igbo community in Akure Land in line with the resolution of the Ondo State Council of Obas.”

He said that “the South-East traditional rulers came out with their resolution in 2018 prohibiting any Igbo indigene who is not a traditional ruler from conferring on himself the Eze Ndigbo title Chieftaincy anywhere in the world.

“You will recall that sometimes in 2015, the issue of Eze Ndigbo title generated so much apprehension and rancour between the self-acclaimed titleholder of Eze and the Ondo State Council of Obas, where the Deji alongside other Traditional Rulers in the State took decisive decision to ban such title in Ondo State.

“After due consultation and investigation at that time, it was discovered that the title of Eze Ndigbo never existed in the first place but was adopted by Mr Gregory Iloherika for reasons best known to him. This necessitated the ban place on it by the Ondo State Council of Traditional Rulers during her statutory meeting held on Thursday 29th October 2015.

“It was equally resolved that the continuing use of Eze Ndigbo title and flaunting paraphernalia of Ndigbo Traditional institution in Ondo State is a calculated attempt and efforts to desecrate the Yoruba Traditional Institution. It was considered an affront to Ondo State Traditional Rulers.

“More importantly, the Traditional Rulers strongly resolved that the Only’
The chieftaincy title that would be recognized is the title bestowed by any host Kabiyesi in Ondo State on an Igbo Indigene such as Chairman, President or Leader of Igbo indigene or. any other similar-tittle.

“It was in light of this that the erstwhile self-acclaimed Leader seized to occupy the position which he created for himself and the Igbo community had remained without a Leader since then.

“It is their efforts to have a leader and also devising a means of ensuring that there is a cordial relationship between the Igbo Community and the Akure Kingdom, some of their leaders decided to write Kabiyesi and then followed it up with a visit that they were desirous of having a leader just like some other tribes within the State.

“After much consultations and deliberations, the Igbo Leaders settled and presented the name of High Chief Titus Umenweke JP to the Deji of Akure for consideration.

“As you are aware that the Deji will never be in a haste to take a far-reaching decision such as this.

Moses added that the Deji of Akureland “decided to make a wider consultation with the council of Chiefs and other relevant stakeholders as well as doing a proper background check before finally giving his approval for the installation of the new Asiwaju for the Igbos.”

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