Nollywood Actors Who Died This Year 2021 (Photos) -GCFRNG

Nollywood Actors Who Died This Year 2021 (Photos) -GCFRNG

Nollywood as a Nigerian film industry, has lost no less than 14 actors to death in various circumstances in the past 10 months.

Bruno Iwuoha

Chief Bruno Iwuoha was a veteran Nollywood actor and producer. He died at the age of 66 on April 10, 2021 after suffering from diabetes and was buried on June 3, 2021 in his hometown in Umunumo, Ehime Mbano local government area in Imo state.

Rich Oganiru

Rich Oganiru was an actor and corporate marketing consultant for the Abuja chapter of the Nigerian Actors Guide. He died on August 10, 2021 after suffering an unknown illness.

Benjamin Nwani Okolo

Benjamin Nwani Okolo, also known as Old Soldier, was a great veteran Nollywood actor and former director of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital. He reportedly died at the age of 83 after a brief illness on February 21, 2021 and was buried on Monday, April 5, 2021 in Isioha-Odume, Ezioma Ogbaku local government area in Enugu state.

 Dan Nkoloagu

Dan Nkoloagu was a veteran actor who passed away at the age of 83 on Friday, February 22, 2021, after suffering from an unknown ailment. He was reportedly buried at his compound in Ebe, Enugu state, on April 26, 2021.

Sadiq Daba

Sadiq Abubakar Daba was a veteran actor and broadcaster, popularly known as Inspector Waziri. He passed away on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 years after battling prostate cancer and leukemia. He was buried according to Islamic rites on Thursday March 4, 2021 at the Agega Hausa Cemetery in Lagos.

Stanley Okoro

Stanley Okoro was a Nollywood actor, profound comedian, producer, digital marketer, and content creator. He reportedly lost his life in the cold hand of death at the age of 29 on August 11, 2021 after suffering a brief illness. Popularly known as Rabbi O Rabbi, Okoro was buried on August 28 in his hometown of Amabriba Okpanku, Aninri local government area in Enugu state.

Lambert Dike

Lambert Dike, who was a veteran, died on 5 March 2021 exactly 8 days to his birthday.

Victor Oloatan

Victor Oloatan passed away years after fighting a brain injury caused by a horrific car accident that occurred in October 2016. Popularly known as Fred-Ade-Williams for his role in the popular television series “Tinsel”, actor Olaotan died specifically on Thursday 26. August 2021 at the age of 69 and was buried in a private ceremony in Lagos on September 16, 2021.

David Mela

David Mela was a fast-rising Nigerian actor, fashion designer and a profound model. He passed away in the late hours of Monday 11 January 2021 after suffering from an unknown ailment.

Victor Becker

Victor Becker was reportedly found dead by suspicious neighbours at his home in Garden City, Kansa, Abuja in February 2021 after they noticed he has not been out from his apartment for days. He died at the age of 72.

Earnest Azuzu

Earnest Azuzu was a Nollywood actor, rapper, and producer. He died at the age of 49 after suffering from cancer and other related ailments. He was reportedly buried on April 13, 2021 in his hometown of Nndieheze Arondizuogu, Imo State.

Ifeanyi Dike

Ifeanyi Dike was a former Nollywood Fellow and Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT), Actors Guide to Nigeria (AGN). He passed away in Lagos on Friday, August 27, 2021 after suffering a kidney-related ailment.

Jim Lawson Maduike

Jim Lawson Maduike was a veteran Nollywood actor, writer, radio host, broadcaster, television personality, and filmmaker. He reportedly died on January 9, 2021 after complaining of severe body pain.

Felix Odikaieseme

Felix Odikasieme died at the age of 74 and was buried on March 25, 2021 in his hometown in the Ekwusigo local government area of ​​Anambra state.

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