NJC Is On The Rise After What Appears To Be A Defamation Of The Courts In Nigeria. – GCFRNG

NJC Is On The Rise After What Appears To Be A Defamation Of The Courts In Nigeria. – GCFRNG

By Magnus Onyibe

While Nigerians have long felt that court cases are often in favor of the best seller, many of the embarrassing cases of a court with the same powers are held by the one-time president of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Uche Secondus has woken up. sleep, National Judicial Council, NJC which is the leading judicial body in Nigeria. But the NJC is on the rise after what appears to be a defamation of the courts in Nigeria.

In a bid to stop the revelation of the country’s constitution for ridicule, last Monday, lbrahim Tanko Mohammad, the 18th Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, President of the NJC, convened a meeting of all six (6) heads. Judges of the trial court have been divided since June.

He did this as he would punish them for their misconduct and what some critics call unjust justice. In my opinion, the CJN intervention is a post-mortem, simply because the damage has not been done.

The above conclusion comes from the premise that our perception of our civil justice system in corruption has evolved from a suspicious area to a reality. That is because even the blind, deaf, and dumb are now well aware and believe that the conscience of some of our temple staff may be sold for financial gain.

It is the lack of integrity in the manner and manner in which half of the 12 cases mentioned for support or otherwise by the PDP President, the Secondus period and the court’s decision are confusing about the truth. of those who want the Anambra state governorship election. in November the coffin was hung.

In other words, legal controversy over the expulsion of Secondus and his repeated return by four (4) judges across the country as well as Charles Soludo, Valentine Ozigbo and Andy Uba, who will represent APGA, PDP and APC, court fees and their party. The first contest for who will sit in the Awka government building, when incumbent Willie Obiano, closed the coffin of a belief believed to be the last hope for the common man.

Clearly, with the confidence thrown in by the dog, the court turns out to be an outspoken critic of the common man who will not be able to say who will rule him following the bastardization of his democracy as a decision. conflicting court decisions. that women sit in the temple of justice in cases where it is said that they may not exceed their decision by the power of truth.

As I wrote elsewhere, democracy dies when values ​​are violated. And nothing can prove more truthful than a contradictory court case that is not only a disgrace to judges, but they are something else that falls on our beloved nation as a whole.

This is because it supports the international embarrassment where our current legislative process is due to the harassment that has attracted Nigeria from the links between the very handsome police officer, the deputy commissioner of police, Abba Kyari and the alleged internet fraudster, Hushpuppi, are currently in the custody of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI.

There is no need to remind that the courts and law enforcement agencies in the country have the necessary evidence to determine whether the state has failed.

I am saddened that Nigerians have been saddened that not only the head of state, but also the three arms of government – Executive, Legislative and Judicial – have since been introduced to the kind of western government in our country.

While there is not enough time to provide competition for the above statement, it does not want to remind many Nigerians of the lack of trust in the three arms of the government without one.

So, many of our people, not only the youth, but also the adults, are not currently interested in this kind of political threat. As such, they come to the conclusion that the current leaders, legislators and judges of the government are going to undermine our democratic system that we have been trying to embrace.

Let me start with the head arm.

As a result of the failure of those who want and eventually stay in the Executive office to deliver on their high campaign promises, voters have lost confidence in this government arm; from the president to the governor and to the president of the local government.

Lack of faith in the public sector and the government is a clear indication that since the establishment of Nigeria in 1914 or even after independence in 1960, our political leaders have been campaigning in poetry, ruling the country. newspapers. According to Mario Cuomo, the author of the aforementioned sentence, the former governor of the state of New York, USA, the government should be all about delivery, not high-stakes promises.

Unfortunately, what Cuomo denounced in his famous speech was flagging rather than exclusion in Nigeria. The result of this turmoil is that, after many promises and failures, not only are Nigerians questioning their political promises, but their hopes for a better future seem to have waned.

In my opinion, the biggest concern of many Nigerians is that any government blames its predecessor for the social catastrophe. They are also urging voters to give them a chance to turn things around and promise to remove the yoke that the government wants to promote. However, whenever they are given the opportunity to rule, they do more harm than good.

Take a look at the transition of power in Nigeria in the last six years from the PDP to the APC. Since 2015, the first opposition and the ruling party have been in business. Based on high hopes for positive change, Nigerians are hoping for a better day and the opposition took over from the former president. But six years into their journey with new groups, what are Nigerians doing? The situation of insecurity is exacerbated by mass murders, rapes and kidnappings that are not written in the history books of Nigeria.

The alarming trend of extreme insecurity is in addition to the alarming number of people who have been sent to the graves, UNICEF, estimates, with about 1,000 innocent students still at large. forest by squatters seeking redemption from their parents and authorities.

In addition to school raids on a regular basis to abduct students which began in 2014 and about 300 Chibok schoolgirls abducted in Chibok town, in Borno state from their dormitory under government protection first, (some of which are still there since the abduction of many students since then in almost all states in the north, criminals have attacked the military system to steal equipment war and weapons across the country.But the most feared and insulted against the military is the recent successful attack of the Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA, Nigeria’s first training center for the military.

That the criminals successfully destroyed a military base that should have been invincible, and wounded and killed its occupants, while abducting three people including the army chief, and – talk a lot about how dangerous it is to live. Nigeria and the rationale for the lack of faith in the political sector that society should be protected.

If the national army has spent thousands of naira on training and weapons during the 21 years since the return of democracy that many are unable to defend themselves, what hope is there for the common man? Many governors are urging locked citizens to defend themselves. How can civilians succeed when thieves are attacking soldiers in their homes and arresting their members?

The most tragic tragedy that befell the NDA was the judgment of the ” physician; heal yourself ” which is not very good for civil war.

Strictly speaking, there have been many programs in agriculture from the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN subsidies for rice farming etc. its appearance. Many railways are also provided nationwide.

With the exception of the railway line, work continues on the second bridge across the Niger River and continues; as highways were being built across the country, looking forward to the reign of President Buhari. So, in general, under Buhari’s watch, there is no doubt that logical and logical progress has been made.

But the point is that the influence of the big government of the Buhari government is not being fully influenced by a society that is often in graves or that refugees, IDPs, camps and the impoverished poor

So, in spite of all the efforts of the ruling party to touch their hearts and defend themselves for its introduction, there has never been grief and tooth decay in our country through bloodshed and bleeding – if that he did not die – Nigerians because of poverty or because of the bad behavior of death row traders, formerly known as religious rebels, but now known as thieves.

The new nomenclature-a thief branded as a badass in Nigeria and jugular now comes from a mixture of anti-religious activists and criminals such as cattle rustlers and blacksmiths who are increasing in ranks. legislators who block barriers. and our beloved city.

The alarming level of distrust of politics is so great that it strikes me, as our leaders sleep and sleep soundly at night, knowing that they will wake up in the morning. reports of massacres of other important figures. of Nigerians under their care.

I am also amazed at how they gain the confidence to engage in the immoral acts of high octane representatives from classrooms that have a chance across the country at a time when so many Nigerians are dying. breathe life into our country which has become kind. of the Intensive Care Unit, ICU, of the military theater.

Regarding the government arm, many Nigerians believe that the ninth congress, NASS is a rubber stamp. They also allege, perhaps rightly, that the leaders of the unholy chambers are doing too much to stamp out the gross corruption.

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The latest in a series of atrocities committed by Nigerians including a lack of determination and past scrutiny of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s legal system, has recently failed in promoting previous efforts to uphold trust. the heart of our electoral system. by allowing e-elections to be transferred from the polling station to the INEC database.

That is even when the manual or the delivery of election results is described as a weak link to an important point of withdrawal from an election that is intended to undermine our electoral process. .

It is generally believed that it was by switching from manual to electronic information transmission system, which proved to be a panacea or prevented fraud in the private sector as well as the financial services sector.

Accepting projections and similar approaches to political elections can improve the quality of our local elections.

However, that is the intention of the NASS committee accused in the review of the 2010 election program that decided to consider electronic transmission as a good way to pull the carpet off the feet of potential voters.

Shockingly, by the time the legislators cast their ballots in the full elections of Nigerians, the legislators, especially from the majority and the voters. the ruling party, who apparently did not care about the electoral process, thought it was not; they also killed the plan by voting that the independent electoral body, INEC, would submit to the rules of NASS and the presidency, especially in the matter of transferring election results.

By exclusion or computation, this sentence shows respect for NASS or the chairman for the decision and the election results should be posted online, depriving INEC of its independence. Laughing at the legislators, one wonders why they did not do everything to change the name of the election commissioner to reflect his new level of reliance on their will.

This plan is emphasized that if the independence of the electoral body has been removed, INEC will be called by the name of the National Electoral Commission, NEC, which will be in fact. That is if President Buhari convinces the legislators and puts his signature on the wrong practices that could guide the process of electing our president in 2023.

Now, if one looks at the court situation which is the subject of this essay, it will be difficult to reconcile it with the original facts of the foundation of democracy and the ultimate hope for the common man.

It is ironic that the years have come and that the justice system has been so heavily armed against the dignity of Nigerians by undermining their interests through their tremendous decisions.

The attempt by the conflicting courts of the same jurisdiction that is currently taking place in support of past applications is in support of the fact that our courts will no longer be as fair as they once were. Instead, they are now selling the land to the highest bidder for justice.

Not so long ago, it was not uncommon to see politicians planning for their clients’ election campaigns by arranging funding for a trial by awarding judges a bribe, a lawyer’s salary in a highly cohesive Nigeria, SAN, members. security personnel and INEC staff as well as criminals.

Often, investing in advertising through newspapers, radio, or television and advertising campaigns is minimal or absent from the campaign plan. In this planning process, many eligible voters will be passed on, with no provision for ‘equipment’ — the term used to describe voting donations that bring donations like rice bags , salt, vegetable oil. gave voters a bribe for their election.

In the current situation, the proposals made by politicians for hoi polloi are now in the courtroom. Sadly, this is a double threat for Nigerians whose legal courts are said to be the last hope of a normal human being ruining their minds through elections.

The situation described above is one of the reasons why many Nigerians believe that elections did not go well in Nigeria and reflect a lack of interest in the elections recorded in the by-elections.

For someone who is passionate about democracy and who supports me like me, the status quo will come from the courts rather than the people from the ballot box, who decide who will rule them, now it’s a principle rather than a rule, not just a finger. bowel. I believe Nigerians with a good conscience also suffer if the truth is not stupid and they are upset. It is astonishing how the lawless riots that started in Kogi during the last election cycle and spread to Imo state in the current generation have quickly become apparent.

To conclude this piece of paper, let me reproduce material from an idea essay I wrote and published everywhere over a year ago on social media.

It’s called “How Democracies Die: Nigeria as a Study.”

I argued on the piece of paper

“The deep snap that has led to the democracy that many of our countries have been embroiled in for the last 20 years, is the brutal election of the Nigerian, NBA, bar association in our country.

At the end of the 2018 report, he issued a dramatic decision by the incumbent government to violate human rights, and to ignore the law under the supervision of the President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The legal team emphasizes the position of many members of the community, the 8th National Assembly, NASS, legislators and the like.

To be fair, before the advent of the APC as the ruling party at the national level in 2015, during the PDP’s tenure under President Olusegun Obasanjo (1999-2007) some democratic values ​​were also underestimated. his mind’s eye. It was Obasanjo who referred to the elections to be pregnant or dying. He served as a fighter in the 2003/7 election which gave him a second term in 2015 and assisted in the election of his successor, the late Umar Yar’Adua in 2007.

Representing the cause of justice and fairness, after being sworn in, Yar’Adua admitted it was disgusting and promised to promote a jaundiced election process and kept that promise by setting up Justice Justice Lawal Uwais to oversee the election process. in Nigeria. It was on the foundation of a strong democracy that was placed under Yar’Adua’s administration and developed during the Goodluck Jonathan administration that the development of his democracy was greatly strengthened for the emergence of a -puts a member of a political party as president.

During the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, OBJ, he expressed his contempt for the rule of law and order when the federal government’s revenue in Lagos state was withheld as a result of the state government’s allocation of other city development leaders. Even though the case is being decided by a court of law and a decision approved by the Lagos state government, Obasanjo has ignored the decision.

The killings of civilians in Odi, Bayelsa State and Zaki Biam in Benue State as retaliation for alleged involvement in the killings of some police officers and security personnel in the areas mentioned is a strong case of Obasanjo to get back at it. the spirit of the military as a tool.

The offenses against a person accused of being authorized by the president under OBJ protection are just a small act that undermines the democracy that some proponents of human rights are arguing against. approached the United Nations Court of Human Rights for justice.

Since OBJ’s approach to self-government is against the law, mainly through compliance with court rules that threaten democracy, it is therefore detrimental to its democracy for at least 10 years. five years ago, some would argue that the incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari does not respect the rule of law. as a manifestation of the acquittal of the court, one of the three main opposition to true democracy, through trial, indictment and removal of former Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN Walter Onnoghen and allegations of corruption and replace it, CJN again. a friend and a president are incomparable.

With debates over guard changes in the federal judiciary, critics say the judiciary, which should be the last resort of civilians, has become unsatisfactory. That was an allegation the government in opposition opposed and rejected by arguing that they had only cleaned up the Augean room by prosecuting judges who were believed to have violated their trust through bribery, according to the report. some of them to answer for big money. in their bank accounts. ”

Clearly, the current criminal behavior that is prevalent in many parts of the country is a reflection of the stupidity committed a few years ago by breaking the law in the judiciary.

To do justice to OBJ, under his watch, he did not manipulate the court or violate the judicial process. The above analysis was by a court of law while he and the state of Niger delta were talking about coastal oil and gas management, and the court did not kowtow while looking. The Lagos state government by criticizing the decision of then Governor Bola Tinubu is deciding to create another rural area to make it easier to reduce administrative problems.

With no problems in the judiciary, OBJ dropped the case in court to the Lagos state government without any impact on the judges. But that is not the case under the current government which is believed to have sued the judge to submit himself to get a third arm of the government which should consider the quota of officials and legislators by decision decision. to support it. .

Considering that the law of karma says that a person will reap what he sows, I would be content not to explain that it is the political fruit of the court by the drastic removal of CJN 17, Walter Onnoghen and Status body, a few years ago which is now reaped by unparalleled display of impunity by judges providing motions or applications that used to cause current unrest and fall on the political planet.

So, slowly but surely, the soul of a democracy – which is the third division of government to examine and correct itself – is the one that needs to be protected.

Forgive me for talking thoughtlessly about this bad development.

But it is only because I need to make us see contradictory cases from our courts as another death for democracy that the cause of our system may not be recognized soon. faster than we can imagine, if we all don’t apply it. our hands on the deck to pull our boat back from the waves it is currently sailing on.

First, by making NASS an extension of the presidency and later, the court will be the representative of the president as well as the politician in the hands of innocent politicians, this system of government happening in Nigeria has presented itself as a one-party system. which our federal government makes it work.

But with the independence of the three arms of government which is a threat to democracy by mixing it up, instead of being independent, the system of government and our beloved society is changing. so that it will not be less. The great Frankenstein beast that will consume us all, including the progress we have made in the practice of democracy over the past twenty-one years and the return to democracy of many parties.

Given the above, I would argue that the decision is contradictory whether Uche Secondus will remain in the PDP presidency, and the turmoil created by the court in the Anambra state gubernatorial election is just an icon. the massive political collapse of the court by the drastic change of the CJN a few years ago has affected politics in Nigeria.

As such, the intervention of the CJN, Ibrahim Tanko Muhamad through his meeting with the chief justices in six (6) areas of conflicting cases arising from the drug after his death since it was handed over courtroom footage. through controversial lawsuits that sparked public outcry.

It is also similar to treating the symptoms of chronic disease without treatment. If the disease does not stop treatment, the judiciary in Nigeria could become a hotbed of violence, it can be compared to a popular television film in Nigeria called ” Fuji House of Commotion ”.

In anticipation, the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA under the leadership of Olumide Akpata, has expressed doubts about the dire situation that has put so much darkness into the work of intellectuals (as the lawyers refer to themselves) in its image. now as defective as that of the clients questioning the legal and ethical nature of their defense in court. Already, the bench is accusing ‘trade-offs’ practices of seeking weak judges in areas far from home to get justice. And it would not be surprising if the next day, the bar responds in style.

Nigerians are tired of looking for a good answer.

Ideally, judges should have a conference or conference to raise awareness of warnings about the dangers of the political era where judges will be exposed to the deceptive ideas of politicians. .

But by exclusion or employment, unknowingly or unknowingly, judges have not done enough to avoid the current unrest. The result of a lack of oversight by the heads of the federal judiciary to protect itself from the deceitful thinking of other government arms is a current trend that worries the CJN and the NJC.

Instead of suffering alone, NJC leaders must realize that it is not too late to hold rallies and seminars to highlight the challenges ahead in this political season and what needs to be done to support democracy. his will which we have received. courts.

That is one way to take the courts and be the last hope of the common man.

ONYIBE, entrepreneur, public policy researcher, author, developer, alumnus of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA and former Delta State commissioner, sent a letter a from Lagos. The conversation continued at www.magnum.ng

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