Nigeria’s Independence Day: See Top 9 Best Dressed Nigerian Female Celebrities On The Special Day -GCFRNG

Nigeria’s Independence Day: See Top 9 Best Dressed Nigerian Female Celebrities On The Special Day -GCFRNG

Despite the current economic & social situation in this country, of course, Nigeria is still a big country. And, as Nigerians, we have good reason to be happy no matter what challenges we face; in fact, we should use every opportunity we have for our good. And, that’s why I like our festival-goers, where they take every moment of the program as an opportunity. In particular, with regard to festive women, they use this type of festival to show off their style and best style of fashion.

Therefore, when Nigeria celebrates its 61st Independence Day on October 1, 2021, some notable Nigerian celebrities once again had the opportunity to take down some of the most exciting fashion trends.

Yes, at this point, I know that some people will want to be a little pessimistic about the prospects for Nigeria as a country. But still, we must hope for a better and more viable nation; and we must maintain our spirits at all times. And that’s precisely what some female celebrities did to mark Nigeria’s special Independence Day as they effortlessly flaunt their stylish moments in trendy ‘Green, White, Green’ outfits.

Of course, I know that many of you are already eager to see the fabulous costumes on display. Therefore, in no particular order, I am highlighting the 9 best dressed Nigerian female celebrities for Nigerian Independence Day celebrations, as outlined below:

Maria Chike:

Until now, she was not a popular face; but many thanks to reality TV show BBNaija (2021) for offering her fame and timely exposure of her. Maria already seems to be making great use of her newfound fame of hers and in the meantime, she is showing off her fabulous fashion trends with great joy.

Barbie Doll:

Her real name is Christiana Kayode, she is a beauty entrepreneur and a savvy enthusiast when it comes to style moments. In fact, an important attribute that she possesses of her is her pretty face, hence the reason she is affectionately labeled ‘Berbie Doll’. Also, she sure knows how to finish her wardrobe style with total passion.

Uche Jombo:

Uche Jombo is an actress with admirable acting talent, and she also finds immense joy in flaunting her fashionable outfits, when she is in the mood. Every now and then, she just likes to keep her style simple and often she looks quite classy regardless.


The beautiful KimOprah is an ex-housemate of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality TV show, and she is also a fashion enthusiast. In a way, she loves to combine her genuine beauty with her creative swag to create inspiring style moments.

Without any doubt, Biola Adebayo is a great example of a cute lady with such enviable natural beauty. She is a Yoruba actress with thrilling talent, and she is also a film producer and entrepreneur. And, as a fashionista, the Yoruba babe also loves to showcase her stylish costumes with much poise.


Real name Natacha Akide, Tacha is a product of the 2019 edition of the reality show BBNaija. And, from that period to date, it has managed to transform itself into a valuable brand. Now, she is thriving as a beauty brand ambassador and fashion entrepreneur. And of course, she just loves to kill her costumes with little to no stress.


Cute and Stylish – Those are the 2 words that probably best describe Cynthia Nwadiora AKA Cee-C. She is a former roommate of the BBNaija program and, interestingly, she is also a lawyer, beauty brand, fashion entrepreneur, and fashionista. Of course, she flaunts her humorous style with an undivided flair.

Jackie B:

Pretty Jackie Bent, also known as Jackie B, is another ‘alumnus’ of the BBNaija 2021 edition, and she seems to be enjoying relative fame and attention at the moment. She has always been a fashion enthusiast and loves to finish off her fashion trends with a simple style.

In truth, there can never be a dull moment with the ever beautiful Uriel Oputa. This young lady is simply a fun-loving personality, and she is also a smart lady with smart work attributes. Interestingly, she is also a former “student” of the reality show BBNaija. Aside from BBNaija’s fame, she is also a valuable brand as a passionate cook, beauty brand ambassador, and passionate fashionista.

Who do you think was the female celebrity with the most exciting fashion costume?

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