Nigerian Exchange, the best resource class to curb inflation. – GCFRNG

Nigerian Exchange, the best resource class to curb inflation. – GCFRNG

The Nigerian Exchange Equities Exchange (NGX) Limited has been selected as the best asset class to curb inflation from August 2020 to August 2021.

The Financial Services Commission (FDC) revealed that the refund and transaction refund data were released in August, Sunday, and Lagos.

Of the four useful classes reviewed by the FDC, Nigerian equality ranked the best camp against year-on-year growth (y-o-y).

The data also showed that NGX topped the list as it recorded a yo-return of 54.85 percent against a rise of 17.38 percent.

According to him, the return of Nigerian equity investors beat inflation by 37.47 per cent.

The report showed that US equity performance stood at 29.2 percent; real estate 15.08 percent and mortgage rates provided 6.8 percent.

“Remember that Nigeria’s equity market has been named the most active market in 2020, with more than 50 per cent, according to a Bloomberg report.

“By the time our current cash flows, investors have begun to enjoy a return rather than cash flow, through payments that some companies have announced.

“Capital vendors continue to anticipate the Exchange’s performance in terms of promoting participation by its new products and services, investing heavily in technology and advertising,” the data said. .

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