Nigeria Police Allegedly Shoot Seven-Month-Old Child, Abandons Family -GCFRNG

Nigeria Police Allegedly Shoot Seven-Month-Old Child, Abandons Family -GCFRNG

Benue State Police have been charged with shooting a seven-month-old boy in the Makurdi area of ​​the state.

According to the boy’s father, the police had refused to take responsibility for the terrible incident.

The boy was reportedly shot when police were trying to arrest some suspected bullies.

In what can be described as heartbreaking, a seven-month-old baby was allegedly shot by police in Benue state.

The boy, Nadoo Ahaangba, was reportedly shot when police tried to arrest thugs in the Makurdi international market on 7 October.

Police fired sporadically when a bullet struck Nadoo in the boy’s hand, reports Punch Newspaper.

According to the baby’s father, Tyokaa, the police had refused to take responsibility for the incident, adding that his family had become impoverished due to the payment of medical bills.

He said:

On October 7, my wife was selling food at the crossroads of the market when the police passed through the area around 8pm. As they passed, they saw some boys negotiating something on the road, so they reversed their vehicle. But when those boys saw them, they set off and the police started shooting sporadically.

“While they were shooting, people started running and my wife also ran so as not to get caught up in what was happening, not knowing that a bullet had hit my baby in her right hand; the bullet broke his finger.

“We took her to her Division E and when her DPO saw what happened, he helped her bandage her hand and rushed her to a hospital. When we got to the hospital, the doctor said that we had to deposit N200,000 before they could operate on her, so my older brother went to the state headquarters to see the Police Commissioner and complain about her.

“The PC spoke to the doctor and the doctor told him that we would need a lot of money for the surgery but they should deposit N200,000 for the surgery and the PC sent the money to the doctor .

But since that day, we haven’t heard or seen anything from them; they abandoned us.

“Journalists protest the disappearance of a colleague, ask for the transfer of the case.

Meanwhile, Nigerian journalists on Monday 25 October took to the streets of Abuja to protest the disappearance of their colleague, Tordue Henry Salem, who disappeared On Wednesday October Members of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, led by the Chairman of the Federal Capital Territory council, Emmanuel Obeche, stopped at Force Headquarters in Abuja to demand expedited action to locate Salem Until his disappearance Salem worked as a House correspondent with the Vanguard newspaper.

In a letter to Police Inspector General Usman Baba Alkali, journalists said they are optimistic that with adequate funding and the deployment of up-to-date technology, the Police are well positioned to take on the task of securing the nation.

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Nigeria Police Allegedly Shoot Seven-Month-Old Child, Abandons Family -GCFRNG

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