Moroccans Saved from Earthquake because of Wedding Celebration

The inhabitants of a Moroccan village were spared from the devastating effects of Friday’s lethal earthquake, which demolished their stone and mud-brick homes, thanks to a wedding celebration that was in full swing. The earthquake coincided with the villagers’ enjoyment of traditional music in an open-air courtyard.

Scheduled to occur in Kettou village the following day, the marriage between 22-year-old Habiba Ajdir and 30-year-old apple farmer Mohammed Boudad followed the customary practice of the bride’s family hosting a pre-wedding celebration.

The people of this village successfully escaped the earth quake as a result of the wedding celebration going on. Luckily, nobody in the village was hurt and everything still went according to plan. How the wedding ended up being the saving grace, no one knows. However, it is great that there were no casualties

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