Mohbad’s Wife says the Singer has always lived in Fear

As celebrities and music enthusiasts grieve the loss of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, his wife, Omowunmi, shared on Instagram that he lived with inner turmoil.

Through a series of posts on her Instagram story, Omowuni expressed sorrow over Mohbad’s struggles and how he grappled with fears until his passing.

She expressed, “He faced challenges until the end, enduring numerous pains and living in constant apprehension. Wherever he went, there were ongoing conflicts. He never experienced a day of true happiness.”

Omowunmi also refuted speculations about the singer grappling with mental health issues.

She clarified, “He was labeled as an addict, deranged, with supposed mental health problems, all to shape public perception of him. Now that he’s gone, you’ve won your prize. You all turned me into a widow at just 24.”

Additionally, she revealed that despite being a father, the late singer was anxious and urged her to leave the country for their safety.

“Nothing brings him joy anymore. Even after seeing his child, he became even more anxious. He had become a family man and was deeply concerned for our safety. I was supposed to collect my baby’s passport yesterday to start our travel preparations. He always told me, ‘Wunmi, please go for the sake of our child. I wouldn’t want these people to harm you and him. It would devastate me. Just go, let me handle them myself,’” she added.

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