Meet Actress Regina Daniel’s Look Alike Who is Also A Movie Star (Photos)

Meet Actress Regina Daniel’s Look Alike Who is Also A Movie Star (Photos)

It is nothing new to see two or more people who do not belong to the same family but who share a striking resemblance.

Some Nigerian celebrities resemble each other in terms of facial structure, skin color, and other body structures.

In this post, I would share with you photos and a short bio of Ummi Rahab, a Kannywood actress who shares a striking resemblance to Nollywood actress Regina Daniel.

Ummi Rahab is a rapidly growing Kannywood actress who grew up on screen; she began her film career when she was 10 years old. The beautiful actress was introduced to the Hausa film industry by actor and film producer, Adam Zango.

Ummi acted in her first film titled “Ummi” alongside Jamila Nagudu, Hadizan Saima and Adam Zango.

While Regina Daniel is a Nollywood actress and wife of a billionaire, Ned Nwoko. She also started her acting career as a child actress.

Speaking of resemblance, Ummi looks like actress Regina Daniel. The two Nigerian celebrities share similarities in their facial structures, mouth, nose, eyes, skin color and complexion. You can think that they come from the same family or region, but they do not.

(Ummi and Regina during their childhood stages)

What can you say about these similarities between Regina Daniel and Ummi Rahab?

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