Managing public resources for sustainable support – GCFRNG

Managing public resources for sustainable support – GCFRNG

By Olusegun Fashakin
The THOUGHT of responsibility determines how things are handled. Just because certain objects or structures are public should not deprive us of the sense of well-being. Public buildings are supposed to be government-owned, but we have no idea that we are part of the government.

That is, state property belongs to citizens and to the government. We use these public places with care and impunity. Acquiring the products of these companies brings happiness, sweet bitterness.

It is becoming more and more worrying about the bankruptcy of our taxpayers. Our public libraries have become a reflection of their original state, almost inactive and dying. The paper is shaken, i.e. if it is not removed it cannot be returned.

The shelf is almost empty due to the carelessness of the staff; they come in, borrow books and write their names on these public items and place them on their own shelf for comparison. If we go to the race of this punishment in our public library, there is no inheritance for you to leave.

Another obstacle of public infrastructure is our roads, some highways and even highways. The worst of them is the road as we see many handicrafts as their training ground. These craftsmen use road repairs and maintenance work. Some boxers, mechanics – our local engineers, welders and many others take orders from them without thinking.

There are government-owned facilities and even mechanical towns in these planning areas. It can be said that these stores are not perfect but adding that the numbers can be done in secret for correction! We cannot continue to struggle on these roads for traffic because these deceitful workers have taken advantage of the better side of the road.

A high part of this situation is the organization of parties and streets in these streets by some politicians who claim more power than other traffickers and issue existing laws. ‘using traffic. The violent people will keep this road and make a display of limited power and levels before residents.

This is an unfortunate, unrestricted situation for those using other traffic. In the program, which is useless to the neighbors, all the waste removed may not be disposed of in time, causing odor in the environment. Gambling in the community itself is against environmental law.

Traffickers love it so much that it can’t be tolerated with so many parked cars moving on our roads. Many houses in the suburbs of Lagos do not have space for their occupants to park their cars or some landlords have used these spaces unnecessarily, thus depriving homeowners of parking space. cars.

There is a case of undocumented construction by the Lagos State Building Control Agency, LSBCA marked. Being a business location, Lagos State homeowners will want to increase the chances and damage of other public facilities. Some do this without thinking too much about raising animals: turning a home into a pet or pasture! These are a great look for a mega and smart city.

Going along the market side of the state, some cross-country trails and bridges have become commercial markets. Travelers will not stumble upon what they have purchased; entrepreneurs on this street can get in your way. Some allegations have been made that some drivers on the road deliberately dug holes in our road.

While it is expected that traffic will pass freely when the road is flat, the suspicion is that some unscrupulous entrepreneurs may try to play a part in the traffic to create traffic jams. for their business. It is unethical to destroy our heritage and our buildings and buildings. Kraals have changed heads on the road and on the road, moving cattle around the farmland and crossing the road is a suicide but it has become legal.

Promoting self by using public money and property is against the law. In his wisdom, the government set up the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and Independent Corrupt Practices and other related crimes, ICPC, to investigate the extent of public and other corruption. Dismantling public funds is unfair and could lead to a development gap in our country. If you fall while in government, sheet metal is more exposed than building materials and this can bw to ruin it.

Preparation is not good for a public and public building that is crowded for generations. The younger generation is taking over the existing ones. There are records that successors to previous leaders have failed in the performance of their predecessors, except in a few cases. The implication is that we need to raise our children

how to manage and manage public funds and properties.

It is the hard tax received from working citizens that is used to stop backwardness and inequality. Construction plays a role between office holders, business leaders and volunteers. Add salt to the wound where these soils are irritated due to ignorance or excessive.

The fight against the use of unwarranted barriers should lead to dialogue among leaders and should be addressed to its followers; that it is possible to perish when these Government Properties are owned and damaged or allowed to be destroyed.

Other laws against the use of Public Property should be strictly enforced and not singled out to achieve the desired effect. Those who hold public office should be guided by their example in performing their duties and managing the equipment because this will have a negative impact on the quality of life of all people.

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