Low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree

This article will educate you on Low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree. You will also learn the Definition of Low-Stress Job, Required skills for a Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree and much more.

Definition of Low-Stress Job

A job described as low-stress can be one that doesn’t involve strenuous or unusually difficult job obligations or working long hours. Since making a good living can make other elements of life easier, many individuals often associate work with low stress.

How can a Low-Stress Jobs pay?

More people than ever are vying for college degrees. These individuals desire occupations that complement their degrees, and with good reason.

This indicates that there are many open positions that nobody wants to fill because they believe it would be disrespectful. Or simply not worthwhile. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to earn a degree. People seek to use their investments as leverage to acquire a lucrative job.

This causes gaps in entire markets that are difficult to replace. So, in order to draw in more candidates, these markets will pay a greater rate. Prices are rising because there is a poor supply compared to the demand.

List of low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists must perform their profession in a stress-free environment because they aim to improve the quality of life for their clients. To work in the majority of states, they require a license and temporary certifications. The self-employed make up one-third of the labor force and can set their own working hours and wages.


A bookkeeper or librarian looks after a library’s everyday operations and assists patrons. In addition to assisting visitors in locating the book or item they’re looking for and organizing events like children’s day camps and book clubs to promote the library and promote reading, librarians can organize new materials that a library receives by classifying them according to author and genre so that they are simple to find. A bookkeeper or librarian can also update data and add entries for new books and resources to manage a library’s electronic catalogs.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

A person that carries out installation of solar photovoltaic panels on roofs and other structures, such as parking garages, is known as a solar photovoltaic installer. These installations can range in size from a few panels to many hundreds.

Although the position does not call for a lot of experience, it does require the capacity to comprehend intricate electrical wiring and troubleshooting. Numerous businesses are searching for these installers and paying well over $40,000 year because to the severe labor shortage in the US.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant often works for oneself, providing clients with expert administrative, technical, or creative (social) support from a home office. Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits, provided such indirect expenses are already covered by the VA’s fee.

Courier or Delivery Driver

Delivering parcels and paperwork for a variety of organizations, companies, government agencies, and people is the responsibility of courier drivers. They transport items and documents to their allocated destinations in the neighborhood after picking them up from a customer’s location.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is an expert in the fields of graphic design and graphic arts who combines images, motion graphics, and typography to create a design. The majority of the time, brochures, adverts, and other published, printed, or electronic media use the graphics that graphic designers create. On occasion, they are also in charge of user interfaces, artwork, and typesetting. One of the most important aspects of the designer’s job is the ability to communicate ideas in a way that is both memorable and understandable.

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Personal Trainer

The need for fitness instructors is growing rapidly. In fact, because of the rising demand from people looking for personal health improvement, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has ranked it as one of the best jobs to have.

Fitness instructors provide their clients instructions on how to carry out particular exercises and training routines in order for them to accomplish specific goals, such as losing weight or developing muscles so you’ll look good at a pool party in the summer.

Flight Attendants

One of the most crucial crew members is the flight attendant. By demonstrating where to stow carry-on bags, responding to inquiries about airline policies, or instructing passengers on how to strap up during takeoffs and landings, they ensure that everyone is secure and at ease.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is often in charge of developing a company’s social media strategy and increasing engagement. Social media managers frequently need a talent for storytelling, an eye for design, and the ability to assess what resonates with an audience—and what doesn’t—in order to be effective in that position.

Construction Painter

Construction painters paint buildings, bridges, and other structures that need to be painted. They also paint vehicles like ships and boats, including trucks, machines, and automobiles.

A building painter is responsible for using the right paints to cover metal or wooden surfaces so that they can continue to be durable and weather-resistant, especially if they are exposed to the elements. Their familiarity with a variety of coating material types would be an advantage because different coating materials are used based on the surface you’re working with, from clear coatings that protect against water damage to epoxy materials that make a surface stronger.


The art or practice of creating actual body movement patterns (or representations of them) in which motion, form or both, known as choreography. A choreographer is a person who makes choreographies by choreographing, which is the practice of choreography. Most frequently, it alludes to choreography for dance.

Customer Chat Agent

Customers are dealt with directly by customer service people who process orders, answer inquiries, address concerns, and give information. Customer service representatives work in a variety of sectors, including the financial, telecommunications, and retail ones.

A high school certificate or GED is all that is necessary for an entry-level customer service representative position, but you’ll also need to have excellent communication skills and the ability to get along with a variety of people.

Make-up Artist

A make-up artist, also known as a makeup artist and frequently abbreviated as MUA, is a creative professional whose primary medium is the human body. MUAs work on people to apply makeup and prosthetics for productions in theater, television, film, fashion, magazines, and other settings, including all facets of the modeling business.

Web Developers

Websites are built and maintained by web developers. A college degree is not required to work as a web developer. For instance, you can work as a WordPress developer without ever taking a formal coding course. You can work from home and at your convenience as a web developer.

Additionally, web engineers make a high compensation of $77,200 per year on average. Web developers can benefit from more job security and stability because to the high growth outlook for the profession, which is projected to increase by 13% by 2030. This lowers stress associated to careers.

Software Developer

Working directly with web developers, digital designers produce layouts, infographics, and graphic designs for reports. You require a GED or high school diploma to work as a digital designer. With the help of free graphic design classes, you may acquire the necessary digital design abilities.

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Digital designers can operate remotely from any location because they are computer-based professionals. Additionally, this employment gives you the chance to showcase your artistic talents along with modern design trends.

Medical Transcriptionist

Using computers, medical records specialists organize patient data. They have a laid-back day because they spend their time at hospital offices and clinics. You require a high school diploma or a GED, as well as certification in medical record management, to be eligible for this position.


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, avoidance, treatment, and correction of crooked teeth, misaligned jaws, and irregular bite patterns. It also covers Dentofacial orthopedics, the study of modifying facial growth. Jaw and tooth misalignment is a relatively prevalent problem.


To track economic patterns and foretell economic occurrences, economists do study and gather data. Surveys become conducted by economists to gain more knowledge about the financial behavior in a specific market, to provide guidance to businesses and individuals on how to succeed in the current economic climate, and to aid in the forecasting of events like business cycles, inflation, and changes in interest rates. Reports and presentations are other ways that economists might communicate their research.

Political Scientist

Political scientists look for theoretical and practical solutions to political issues as well as the structure and philosophy of government.


An optician, often known as a dispensing optician, is a technical professional who creates, fits, and distributes lenses for vision correction.


An actuary is a statistician who specializes in assessing risk in financial contexts. Actuaries can examine a company’s financial records to learn more about their financial health, perform risk evaluations to identify any potential dangers associated with an investment, and look for links between certain risks and occurrences like floods or wildfires. Since the insurance sector must assess risks in order to determine pricing for coverage, many actuaries work for insurance providers.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Designing and supervising the production and installation of computer systems and related products is the responsibility of computer hardware engineers.

Environmental Economist

The study of cost-effective resource allocation, utilization, and protection is known as environmental economics. The Environmental Economist will conduct research on the financial impacts of corporate actions and government regulations, publishing and presenting findings, conclusions, and suggestions.


Mathematical methods become used by mathematicians to address issues in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, social sciences, and government. Mathematicians can create new ideas for the application of mathematics, employ models to solve difficult equations, and use statistics to predict the future outcomes of various processes, such as financial investments. By developing instructional materials and giving lectures or seminars, many mathematicians also assist in educating the general public about new ideas in mathematics.

Salary figures reflect information that was already available on Indeed Salaries. The hiring company, the candidate’s experience, educational background, and location may all influence their pay.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Computer users receive technical support from computer support specialists. They analyze computers to look for hardware or software problems. You need a high school graduation and the information technology (IT) certifications that your business requires to be eligible for a position as a computer assistance specialist.

Computer support professionals don’t have to address engineering difficulties, making it a low-stress career. Experts in computer help are reached by phone, chat, or on-site.

Travel Agent

Travel agents plan excursions, make travel arrangements for clients, and give clients information about the tourist attractions and activities offered in a specific area. A career as a travel agent can be ideal for you if you enjoy interacting with people in a laid-back setting. For this position, a high school graduation or a GED is sufficient.

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Freelance Photographers

Freelance Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity, and compositional skills to take pictures that depict events or tell stories. This work is so low-stress and provides a lot of travel opportunities that it could be viewed as a lucrative hobby. A high school diploma and a decent eye are all, needed to become a photographer; no formal education is necessary.

Computer Network Architect

From large cloud infrastructures to more intimate intranets, computer network architects plan, develop, and maintain a variety of data transmission networks.

Chief Sustainability Officer

A manager in charge of a company’s environmental effect, resources, and plans is known as a chief sustainability officer, or CSO.

Wind Energy Operations Managers

Managers of wind energy operations are in charge of current wind field operations. To make sure they have buyers for the power they produce, they could also need to bargain wind farm contracts. They hire and manage staff, oversee equipment upkeep, and make sure that they follow the safety regulations.

What is the Required skills for a Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree?

Skills in Communication

It’s critical to have good communication skills in order to comprehend and convey instructions in a variety of stressful occupations. Utilizing communication tools like video calls, email, and instant messaging is a requirement for many occupations. To function well in any industry, one must also possess fundamental reading and writing abilities.

Enthusiasm and Initiative

Enthusiastic self-starters are highly sought after in today’s business culture. You can address issues in which you have no prior experience if you have initiative. Any work can benefit from having resourcefulness, but high-paying positions without degrees in particular.

Collaboration Mentality

To cooperate with others and work effectively, you need certain talents. All types of workers must participate in real or virtual collaboration spaces. The effectiveness of the entire organization is increased by responsiveness and initiative.

FAQs on Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

What is the least stressful job that pays well?

Environmental Economics. An environmental economist plans and executes economic analyses with a focus on the environment and the natural world. This covers the land, the water, the air, and the sources of renewable energy.

What are low stress jobs without a degree?

Web Developer, Digital Designer, Lodging Manager, Computer Support Specialist, Medical Records Specialist, Massage Therapist, Costume Attendant, Travel Agent, Photographer, Skincare Specialist and much more.

Are There Any Stress-Free Jobs That Pay Well?

Yes, there are a lot of stress-free jobs that pay well.

What job pays the most without a degree?

Patrol Officer is the Highest Paying Job Without A Degree.


There are plenty of well-paying occupations available that don’t require a degree. Most of them also have a low level of stress. That does not imply you won’t ever experience stressful circumstances. Especially if you have a profession like flight attendant where you interact with people all the time. However, the majority of the time spent at work involves relaxation.

Since so few people have interest in these positions, there won’t be much rivalry for the open positions. This indicates that firms spend more to fill them. And during the job interview, you can even get some extra perks.

This article will educate you on Low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree. You will also learn the Definition of Low-Stress Job, Required skills for a Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree and much more.

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