Kwara rated first, best in UBEC project execution in North Central -GCFRNG

Kwara rated first, best in UBEC project execution in North Central -GCFRNG

Kwara state has been ranked first among its peers in north-central states based on the approach taken to ongoing school infrastructure development, National APC Media said Thursday.

Meanwhile, Governor AbdulRazaq assured the team that no effort will be spared in the continued effort to reposition the education sector, even as he called on all relevant stakeholders to get involved.

The national team, which is on a national tour of APC states that received grants from UBEC to assess how the funds are being used, arrived in Kwara on Sunday and concluded their project tour on Thursday.

The team is led by Dr. Tom Ohikere.

Ohikere said that they had the mandate as members of APC News online to conduct the evaluation tour of UBEC / SUBEB projects in the state to authenticate and verify their standard, adding that this forms a plan to promote the activities, achievements of the Administration led by APC at various levels.

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He said, at the end of the exercise, “We have seen evidentiary achievements of the UBEC / SUBEB projects spread over the three senatorial districts. We were amazed by the quality of the projects executed. The construction and reconstruction of classroom blocks was massive.

”An absolute priority has been given to the training and retraining of teachers. And this aims to equip teachers to give a standard education to our children. In addition, salaries, allowances, leave bonuses and arrears, along with the implementation of teacher promotion, are done at the right time, as we have seen from our own findings.

“We note that this is largely due to the proper monitoring that we have seen in the state,” Ohikere told reporters in Ilorin as he gave a preliminary report on his findings.

He added: “This is a legendary and commendable effort, given that you (kwara) operate on an overburdened financial base. From what we can see, his entire approach to infrastructure development in schools is first among equals in the North Central. “

However, Dr. Ohikere noted that the government needs to improve in some areas such as improving the state special needs school curriculum; capacity building for secretaries of education in various local governments and the kwara media unit SUBEB, announcing that they resolved to partner with the International Institute of Journalism to train selected states in the specified fields.

He added that after careful inspection and evaluation they have nominated Katsina and Jigawa from the Northwest; Kwara and Nasarawa from North Central; and Osun and Ogun from the Southwest area to be recognized on the National Day of Public Praise for the APC revolution in basic education in November this year.

In his comments, Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq thanked the team for their objective evaluation of the projects implemented and assured them that steps will be taken to give effect to some of their recommendations.

AbdulRazaq, who spoke through Lieutenant Governor Kayode Alabi, said that no effort will be spared in the continued effort to reposition the education sector, even as he called on all relevant stakeholders to get involved.

He expressed his satisfaction with the steps that the president of the state SUBEB, professor adaramaja, has been taking to put Kwara on top and be driven by courage regarding the execution of the project, citing a number of cases that guided his conviction about their ability to fulfill any project. task given.

“I am not very surprised by his appointment as president of Kwara SUBEB and what he has accomplished in the position because I know his background as a great performer. I usually tell people that only Nigerians can fix Nigeria and only Kwarans can fix Kwara, as in the case of Adaramaja. And one day, God will pay him back for what he is doing for future generations. I also thank the Ministry of Education for the support they are giving him to succeed, ”he said.

Adaramaja, for his part, said the team’s evaluation and praise were based on only 50 percent of the projects executed, which his agency classified as phase one, adding that phase two will begin in November and bring more laurels to the state.

The SUBEB president thanked the state government for its constant support, and recounted how Governor AbdulRazaq has committed to taking the education sector to greater heights in the state.

“What the committee has seen and worked on is only 50 percent of our projects. We launched projects for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. For next month, we hope to launch projects for 2018 and 2019 by the special grace of God ”, said Adaramaja.

“If 50% of our valuation has made us enter the first sixth place in the country, when we finish with the remaining 50%, I do not know what position we will reach. I’m sure Kwara will emerge as number one in the country. We still want you to come back in the next four to five months, you will see effective, efficient and prudent use of marching grants in the state of Kwara.

“For this, I thank the Governor for his paternal role and for being at the neck of the UBEC at all times to achieve a lot, and for supporting the SUBEB in particular to fly. We will continue to make him proud. “

The presentation of the report was well attended by government officials, including Lieutenant Governor Kayode Alabi; Chief Whip Kwara House of Assembly, Hon. Ali Amuda; Chairman of the House Education Committee, Hon. Baba Saliu Boriya; Hon. Awolola Ayokunnumi; The Commissioner of Education, Sa’adatu Modibo Kawu; and her counterpart in Finance, Florence Olasumbo Oyeyemi; Special Adviser for Political Communication, Alhaji Basir Adigun, Special Adviser for Policy, Abdullateef Alakawa; Special Strategy Advisor, Saadu Salau; APC Secretary of State Mustapha Isowo; the Secretary of Advertising, Tajudeen Aro; and Alhaji Gali Alaya; among other dignitaries.

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