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This post “Kodak Black Biography and more” brings to you everything you should know about the American Rapper. We shall give you all of the juicy and exciting details of Kodak Black’s life through this post. Thus, we will talk about Who is Kodak Black? And how did he get famous? As well as Kodak Black Networth and his career growth.

If you are a lover of American rap, then the name Kodak Black shouldn’t be new to you. The rapper who rose to stardom in 2014 gas been an American sensation for while thereby pleasing his fans. In this post, we shall analyse everything about Kodak and look at his rise to fame. Keep reading to get all of the information you’ve been looking for on this post.

Who is Kodak Black?

Kodak Black is an American professional rapper born in Prompano Beach, Florida, U.S. on the 11th of June, 1997. Kodak’s real name is Dieuson Octave but also popularly called Bill Kahan Kapri. He gained recognition in 2014 after releasing his single “No Flocking”. After basking in the euphoria of the wide reception of his single, Kodak eventually released an album in 2017. The Album was named “Painting Pictures“ and ranked 3rd on the U.S Billboard 200.

In addition to this, it was also in the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 with the single “Tunnel vision”. At this point, the whole world wanted a piece of Kodak, thus he released another Album in 2018. This Album was titled “Dying to Love” and was supported by a single that featured Travis Scott and Offset. The song was titled “ ZeZe” and it was the 2nd song on Hot 100 while the Album it’s ranked 1st.

Although Kodak got into the industry in 2009, it wasn’t until 2014 before he was actually recognized. Kodak has been through a couple of music label as well. Some of them are Capitol, Dollaz N Dealz, as well as Atlanic. Currently, Kodak Black is signed under Sniper Gang. Despite Kodak’s success, there are however a number of legal issues tied to his name as well as controversies. In fact, Kodak has even served term for a rape accusation in the past.

How Old is Kodak Black?

Kodak Black was born on the 11th of June, 1997. This simply means that he is 26 years old currently.

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How Tall is Kodak Black?

The young American Rapper’s height has been a debate topics over the years. Different outlets have carried different rumors as to how tall Kodak black is. While it is believed that he is about 5ft6 tall however, he has been given different heights in his arrest files. By and Large, Kodak Black height can be estimated to be between 5ft6 and 5ft9.

How did Kodak Black get Famous?

As earlier said, Kodak Black is an American Rapper who got into the game as early as 2009. However, he wasn’t recognized until 2014 thus his single “No Flocking” actually made him famous. After the single in 2014 he went ahead to drop two albums back-to-back which made numbers as well. Kodak is also a singer as I as a song writer.

What is Kodak Black Networth?

The 26 year old musician had been estimated to have a Networth of about $2 million.

Kodak Black Early Life

Raised by a single mother, Kodak grew up in a housing in Golden Acres where many other immigrants stayed. His Father didn’t want to have anything to do with them so he left after Kodak was born. To survive, Kodak turned to a life of crime, selling drugs and doing other illegal stuff. In addition to this, he was neither interested in school nor was he a smart student. Kodak had poor records and got into fights often which led to his expulsion from his previous school. When Kodak found Music in 2009 was when things began to turn for him even though he still a couple of cases to his name.

Kodak Black Career

As a young boy who just discovered his love for music, Kodak first joined a local rap group called “Brutal Youngnz”. After a while in this group, he eventually switched to another group called “The Kolyons” also a small rap group. Kodak eventually released a mixtape in 2013 which he named “Project Baby “ thus making it pass for his debut mixtape. This mixtape did so well in clubs and brought Kodak significant fame. His single following the mixtape, “No Flocking” skyrocketed Kodak to the Billboard sit after which he also released more mixtapes.

Furthermore, in 2015, Drake made a video of himself dancing to one of Kodak’s single “Skrt”. This simple act alone made Kodak the talk of the world as the number of google searches for his song skyrocketed.  This new found fame really benefited him a lot when he released another mixtape that same year. The tape was released by Atlantic Records which was his record label at the time. Thus the mixtape became his first album to feature on the Billboard music charts. He released a couple of other mixtapes as well as another which he also named “Project Baby“.

Kodak Black Legal Issues

With the kind of upbringing Kodak had as well as the environment he grew up in, it is no wonder why he has been in and out of prison. Kodak Black’s legal issues began as way back as High School and has continued to grow since then. Below is a comprehensive list of the different times Kodak has been made to face the law.

Arrests in 2015

In October 2015, Kodak was arrested for kidnapping, battery, robbery, false imprisonment and driving with a suspended license. As well as being in possession of marijuana and forcing people into his car just because somebody broke into his house.  He was however released almost immediately. Two months after this accusation, he was arrested again for possession of marijuana. He was also charged for having drug paraphernalia in his possession.

Arrests and Issues in 2016

Kodak Black was arrested in February 2016 for sexual battery after having allegedly assaulted a woman in Florence. The victim claimed he ripped off her clothes, bit her and raped her kn his hotel room. Shortly after this incident, Kodak was sighted buying marijuana from a drug dealer. When the Police tried to pull him over, he evaded arrest and threw a gun from his car at the police. Kodak was once again arrested for possession of weapon, marijuana and also for violating traffic regulations.

In May 2016, Kodak was arrested yet again in Broward county however, this time he didn’t commit a crime. He was arrested in accordance with warrants Issued for previous cases of false imprisonment and robbery. After having stayed in jail for 3 months, Kodak was sentenced to one year of house arrest and 5 years of probation. However before he could be placed on the arrest, the case of the woman he sexually assaulted came up and he was supposed to be sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

Legal issues in 2017

Kodak was arrested for violating the terms of his house arrest in February 2017. Between the end of April and the beginning of May, Kodak was wrapped up in a couple of legal issues. These issues ranged from physically assaulting his anger management counselor to violating terms of his house arrest. In addition to this, he was sentenced to one year in Prison in May 2017 however, he was promised an early release if he completed a skill course. Kodak completed the course, thus he was released in June after serving just 97 days.

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Arrests in 2018

In January 2018, Kodak was arrested for weapons, drug possession and child neglect. These charges came after he had managed to avoid an arrest from June the previous year. However, his lawyers were able to get all of these charges dropped within a month. In April of the same year it seemed like the artist was ready to turn a new leaf. Hence, he got his GED, changed his name and even tweeted about writing a book. This were quiet concerning Kodak for a while before it once again began to spiral downward.

Arrests from 2019-Present

Kodak Black has been involved in numerous cases from possession of weapon to possession of drugs. Also he has a couple of sexual assault cases tied to his name thereby making him a regular figure in prison.

What is Kodak Black Instagram?

Kodak’s Instagram handle is Kutthroat Bill @kodakblack. He has about 13 Million followers.

What is Kodak Black Twitter?

To reach out to Kodak on Twitter, go to his Twitter handle @kodakBlack1k. Note that Kodak deleted his Twitter as some point because of his mental health.

Who are Kodak siblings?

Kodak Black has two brothers whose names are John Wicks and Lil Kodak. John Wicks name is Masnik Sainmelus, an American Rapper as well. Like Kodak is the youngest of them all. They are 3 children in total.

Who are Kodak Black Parents?

His mother’s name is Marcelene Octave while his Father’s name is Mr Octave.

Where is Kodak Black Birth place?

Kodak was born in Prompano Beach, Florida, United States of America.


We have taken a deep dive into the life of Kodak Black and have unraveled the secrets of his arrest. We have also established his background growing up as well as his rise to success. Follow our website and leave a comment below for more information.

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