Israel says CCTV footage shows hostages were taken to Gaza hospital.

Under this article you will read about released CCTV footage by the Israeli military which was taken to largest hospital in Gaza.

The Israeli military shows CCTV footage.

One of the military spokesman highlighted that a soldier was Murdered and 19 was confirmed dead after they had taken into al-Shifa hospital with minor injuries on them. They discovered an open tunnel that was found at the site which was said to be a Hamas command center and Hamas did denied that.

Hamas was previously stated that Ms Marciano was killed during an Israeli air strike on the 9th November 2023. The said footage shows two hostages that was brought into the Gaza’s largest hospital and Armed men was seen in the CCTV video on the 7th October 2023.

Currently Hamas has previously claimed Ma Marciano was killed during Israeli air strike which the IDF has confirmed the incident that happened on the 9th November. And regarding the released video footage by Israel army the Hamas run health ministry in Gaza stated that it is not yet confirmed the Authenticity of the footage. Then earlier the IDF released a video that showed a tunnel 10m(33ft) under ground that processes it for 55m up to a closed and reinforced door.

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