ILO committed to ensuring decent work for Nigerian workers, says Vanessa Phala -GCFRNG

ILO committed to ensuring decent work for Nigerian workers, says Vanessa Phala -GCFRNG

The International Labor Organization (ILO) said yesterday that it will continue to ensure a decent work environment for workers in the country by engaging representatives of the federal government to negotiate, facilitate and support workers in Nigeria.

ILO Country Director Vanessa Phala said this in Ilorin, Kwara state, during this year’s World Day for Decent Work organized by the Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labor Studies (MINILS).

In a related development, the director general of the National Institute for Labor Studies Micheal Imoudu, Comrade Issa Aremu, has ordered that all outsourced personnel of the labor institute must henceforth earn a minimum wage of N30,000, saying that the charity must start from home.

He also said that in December of this year, the staff of the labor institute would earn a salary of 13 months.

The ILO Country Director also said that he had made some progress in the amount of some policy documents that guide and provide clarity on labor and employment issues.

Ms Phala said: “The ILO is committed to ensuring a decent working environment for workers in Nigeria. So we are working on a new decent work program. As part of the program, we have identified three tripartites around employment and social dialogue.

“I am pleased that through the Ministry of Employment and Labor, we now have an advisory committee that will sit down and discuss labor issues that are of common concern to the ILO’s tripartite partners in Nigeria.

“It is our moment to collaborate with the institute in commemorating the world day of decent work. Through this collaboration, we hope to bring some light to the fundamental principles of rights and understanding of workers’ rights, particularly now during the global pandemic, where we have seen some challenges facing the world of work, such as the reduction of personal.

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As we emphasize, we want to identify and expand the importance of workers’ rights in this circumstance ”.

In her words, the general director of MINILS, Comrade Issa Aremu, announced that the institute’s workers would receive 13 months’ salary in December this year.
She said: “I am announcing for the first time that we will pay our workers on the 13th of this year. A well-motivated force is one that can be productive.

“Today I have ordered in my capacity as Director General of the institute that all our subcontracted workers must earn a minimum wage of N30,000. This is our practical demonstration of charity that begins at home.

“I have also told our administrative staff that death benefits and our workers’ rights should never be delayed.

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