How to Check BVN on MTN, Glo & Airtel: See full guide

Do you want to open another account in a bank and need your BVN? Are you finding it difficult getting your BVN from your bank? This post “How to Check BVN on MTN, Glo & Airtel: See full guide” is the solution to your problems. Through this post, we bring you different other ways through which you can get your BVN. We also talked about What is Bank Verification Number? And How to get a Bank Verification Number. As well as How to check your BVN online and How to check your BVN with USSD code.

In Nigeria, you can open accounts with many banks, however you can only open accounts with one BVN code per bank. All of your bank accounts are identified by a Bank Verification Number, and all of your financial data is connected to it. At the time of enrolment, the system takes a facial photo, fingerprint, and signature. Through the MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo networks, you may check the number. For this post, we shall look at the step by step process of getting your BVN through the network providers listed. However, let us first take a look at what BVN means and why it is important.

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What is Bank Verification Number?

The Central Bank of Nigeria adopted the Bank Verification Number, also known as the BVN. Its purpose is to serve as a biometric identification system to stop or lessen unlawful banking activities in Nigeria. The BVN is a contemporary security mechanism in accordance with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958. Additionally, it was brought about to lessen the rate of fraud in banking system. The technology functions by capturing the client’s facial image and fingerprints.

The BVN, or Bank Verification Number, is an 11-digit number that is exclusive to each person. However such person is to make use of that number across all banking institutions. You need a Bank Verification Number before you can open and manage a banking account in Nigeria.

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A BVN is given to you if you open your first bank account. When you next need to open a bank account in Nigeria, you will utilize this same BVN. Checking your BVN has been made really easy, thanks to advanced technology. All you have to do is dial a USSD code for your bank or ask your bank to provide you that information.

Despite the great positivity the introduction of BVN has brought, there are still certain doubts. This is due to the fact that one BVN is being linked to several other accounts. Thus if your BVN is known, it simply means all your bank accounts will suffer damage. However, irrespective of this fearful challenge, the CBN has made it clear that BVN is here to stay.

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How to get a Bank Verification Number

The following are steps to follow if you are interested in getting your Nigeria Bank Verification Number. They are;

  • Locate any bank closest to you or any bank of your choice
  • Make sure you correctly fill out your BVN enrollment form and submit
  • Ensure that you have given the right information in your form as that will reflect on your account
  • Submit biometric information, such as a face or fingerprint;
  • Acquire the Ticket ID, which serves as a confirmation receipt;
  • Within 48 hours, you’ll get an SMS with your BVN.

When you open your first bank account in Nigeria, a BVN will be given to you. When you open a new bank account in Nigeria, you will use the same BVN, which will always be associated with you.

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How to check your BVN online

Be aware that you must actually have a bank account before you may check for your BVN online. Few clients are aware that they may access their BVN online. There are two methods for online BVN checks

1. By means of a USSD code.

2. Through the BVN Validation portal

How to check BVN with USSD code

Despite its limitations, this method is faster, simpler to use, and does not require an internet connection. You can just view your BVN with the code *565*# . However you must make sure that the same phone number that was used to register the BVN is being used to call the code. If you make use of a number not linked to your bank, it will not work.

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How to check BVN through the Validation portal

Retrieving and validating BVN is being made easy through these simple steps. These steps are usually carried out using the NIBBS portal. Thus the portal is made to make these tasks simple:

  • Access the NIBBS website.
  • Enter the BVN and birthdate used during registration, then press the search button.
  • Pay the N25 service fee using your selected method of payment that is most convenient for you.
  • There will be a redirection to a page that shows precise BVN data after payment confirmation.

We shall now go into the focus of our study which is “How to Check BVN on MTN, Glo & Airtel: See full guide”.

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How to check BVN on MTN

If you registered your BVN account with an MTN number or the network provider, follow these steps to check your BVN;

  • Open your phone pad
  • Ensure that you have up to #20 in your main credit balance
  • Proceed to dial *565*0#
  • You will then receive an 11-digit number which is your BVN

How to check BVN on GLO

If you are making use of the GLO network provider, follow these steps to check your BVN.

  • On your phone pad, dial *565*0#
  • You will see a prompt asking if #20 can be deducted from your credit balance
  • Click on yes
  • You will then receive a notification with your BVN

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How to check BVN on Airtel

For Airtel network service provider users, it is quite easy to check your BVN. Through these steps, it should be a walk in the park

  • Open your phone pad
  • Dial *565*0#
  • Allow #20 to be deducted from your phone credit balance

After which you will receive a notification with your Bank Verification Number

However, through all of this, it is important to note that this service is not free. Hence it will be in your best interest to write down your BVN so as not to lose it again.

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How to check my BVN through my bank app

To access this 11-digit code, you must have opened a bank account and enrolled with the CBN’s Biometric Identification System. Upon logging in, look through the menu of the bank’s mobile app for an item that will take you to your BVN. If it doesn’t work, talk to your bank about utilizing their mobile app to find your BVN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where may a customer obtain a BVN?

Any bank branch where a consumer has an account or plans to open one is where they enroll.

Is a BVN required for every customer, and is it compulsory?

Sure, it is.

When can I expect to receive a BVN?

Getting a BVN can take up to 24 to 48 hours following enrollment.

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What are the advantages of signing up for a BVN?

The BVN facilitates consumer access to future loan facilities as well as fraud reduction and banking operations efficiency.

How is the consumer informed of the BVN?

The bank will notify you of your BVN once it is generated. SMS alerts would be sent to all clients.

What is verification?

The process of confirming a customer’s identity is referred to as verification.

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What is Offline verification?

By comparing the fingerprint or face image with the information on the BVN card, offline verification will authenticate the consumer.

What takes place if a client is an amputee?

The customer’s facial characteristics will be photographed because fingerprints are not necessary for amputees.


We have exhaustively talked about what BVN is and why it is beneficial. In addition to this, we looked at how to enroll for a BVN and how to check for it online. Furthermore more, we discussed How to Check BVN on MTN, Glo & Airtel: See full guide. For more enlightening information, follow our website and leave a comment.

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