How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost

Have you been a victim of online fraud and do you think your account has been compromised? Did you recently lose your ATM Card or have it stolen? Well, it is not a new thing in this time and age to lose ones ATM Card or fall victim of fraud. However, the good news is that rectifying this issue has become relatively easier. In this post “How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost”, we shall tell you quick ways to block your cards. We also talked about Central Bank of Nigeria Policy and What to do If you lose your ATM Card. As well as Blocking Cards for Zenith Bank and Wema Bank

In our modern world driven by technology, the incorporation of technology in key economic sectors, including banking, is not a novel concept. Previously, banks provided their customers with various types of checks and notes for conducting transactions, sometimes also issuing bank slips. However, in recent times, banks have adapted to the contemporary technological trend. Thus, a majority of banking activities are now conducted online and through the use of smart cards. While the widely utilized ATM card is highly efficient, if it is lost or stolen, it poses a significant problem for the rightful owner. Hence, the owner becomes susceptible to the risk of financial loss or potential misuse for illicit activities.

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Central Bank of Nigeria Policy

The implementation of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s cashless policy is expected to lead to a higher number of Nigerians opening bank accounts. This means that Nigerians will increasingly rely on electronic methods for their transactions. While this is a positive development, it also raises concerns about the surge in electronic banking frauds. According to a report from Agusto&Co, around 59% of respondents in their survey reported experiencing fraud on the digital platforms of their respective banks. Additionally, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has confirmed that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has identified e-fraud as the primary threat to digital finance. The NCC further pointed out that the CBN has stated that fraud has had an impact on electronic payment solutions. Thus, including Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) instant payment, and mobile banking.

It is for this reason that we need to discuss How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost. Keep reading to find out more.

What to do If you lose your ATM Card

Inform your Bank

Initially, it is imperative to promptly notify your bank if you realize that your ATM card is missing, preferably within a 24-hour window. You have the option to visit the customer service at the nearest branch of your bank to complete the requisite forms and register a complaint. However, this process may be more time-consuming than what is deemed secure. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for swifter alternatives instead of physically visiting a branch of your issuing bank to deactivate the ATM card. The alternatives are;

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  • Utilize their social media channels. Almost every bank in Nigeria (and other places) maintains a customer support account on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. These are managed by bank representatives specifically tasked with promptly addressing customer inquiries. Follow the relevant social media accounts and also engage with the representative for immediate assistance. As long as you have internet access on your phone, tablet, or computer, you’re all set.
  • Employ the bank’s online or mobile banking platform. This can be accessed through the bank’s website or their downloadable app, available for both Android as well as iOS users. Within the menu, there’s typically a section dedicated to ‘card services’ or ‘ATM cards’. Thus, you can choose to promptly block your ATM card, rendering it ineffective to anyone thereafter.
  • Make use of the designated customer service phone numbers to communicate with a customer service representative, who will guide you through the process of blocking the card effectively.
  • Utilize the bank’s USSD code (whether through text messaging or direct dialing service) specifically set aside for card-related services. Thus, including cases of lost or stolen ATM cards, directly from your mobile phone.
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Transfer all your money to another Account

Maintaining a secondary bank account for contingency is a wise practice in case you face any complications with your primary account. Also, it’s advisable to choose a reputable and well-established bank known for its robust security measures in safeguarding customer accounts. Quick money transfers can be effortlessly executed using your current bank’s USSD code, the bank’s mobile app on your smart phone. As well as through secure methods like fingerprint or cardless transactions at an ATM machine, or in-person at the nearest branch of the affected bank. However, this option may be slower, unless you happen to be in close proximity to one.

Request for a New Card

In Nigeria, with most, if not all, banks, the process of requesting a new ATM card is typically combined with reporting a lost or stolen card. These procedures can be handled together, often using the same form. It is usually possible to receive a new card and deactivate the old one simultaneously, usually within a few days and certainly within less than a month. We shall now talk about How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost. Knowing this will enable you act faster in safeguarding your money.

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How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost.


According to the Executive Director of Retail Banking at Access Bank, there’s a recent development that allows customers to deactivate or block a USSD profile. To do this, simply dial *901*911# from any phone. After which you enter the registered phone number associated with the account you wish to blocklist. Consequently, your USSD profile will be automatically deactivated and blocklisted. Additionally, you can utilize mobile banking to block your Access Bank card by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on “Cards & Cheques.”
  • Select “Manage Cards.”
  • Click on “Block.”
  • Choose the account you wish to block.

Alternatively, you can contact Access Bank through the following telephone numbers: +234 12712005, +234 12802500. You can also use the toll-free number: 07002255222377 to request an ATM card block. Provide the Customer Care agent with any necessary details.

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To deactivate an Eco Bank ATM card, please send a message in the format: “STOP ATM [Your Account Number]” to 08063262265. For instance, send “STOP ATM 5399104746464636” to 08063262265. Eco Bank customers can also block their ATM card by using the universal code. Just dial *966*911# from any mobile device, then enter your account number followed by your mobile number.

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Fidelity Bank, established long ago, has a presence in all 36 states of the Federation and the FCT. Disabling a lost or stolen Fidelity Bank ATM card is a straightforward process. Simply dial *770*911# using the mobile number linked to the ATM account and follow the prompts to complete the procedure. Furthermore, you can reach out to the bank to have them deactivate the card through their email addresses: or


If you’ve misplaced your FCMB Debit Card and need to prevent its use, here’s a simple guide to follow:

  • Dial *329#
  • Choose “8” for Self Service
  • Select “4” to Block Card
  • Pick the specific card for blocking
  • Provide the reason for blocking
  • Enter your card’s PIN
  • Please note that only FCMB Mastercard and Verve debit cards can be blocked using this method.


First Bank PLC is among Nigeria’s most esteemed banks, boasting an extensive network of branches nationwide and headquartered in Lagos. The bank also provides various categories of debit cards to its customers. In the event that one of these cards is lost or stolen, here is the swiftest method to prevent unauthorized use:

As soon as you realize the card is missing, take your phone with the registered number linked to your account and send a text with the word “BLOCK” to 30012. This action will automatically deactivate the card, rendering it unusable for any further transactions by anyone in possession of it. If you need to continue making transactions with an ATM card, you may have to visit one of their branch offices to request a replacement. Keep reading this post to discover How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost.

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Deactivating a lost or stolen Zenith Bank ATM card is a straightforward process. However, it requires first downloading and installing the bank’s mobile app for effective execution. Once the app is successfully downloaded and installed, log in and navigate to the “Cards” section in the menu bar. Choose your card category (such as Mastercard, Verve, or other issued types). Next, input the authentication code for added security, and proceed. Your ATM card will be deactivated in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. In case the bank customer requires further information or clarification, the bank hotlines are always operational, which include 012787000, 014647000, and 012927000.


To disable a lost or stolen Stanbic IBTC bank ATM card, simply dial *909#. Then select “my bank,” followed by “service request,” and proceed to “select block card.” The card will be deactivated within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can opt for an alternative method: send a text with your NUBAN (account number) to 30909. You should do this using the registered phone number associated with the account thus, effectively linking it to the card for deactivation.

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Union Bank is undoubtedly one of the longest-standing and highly regarded banks, both within the country and internationally. It holds a strong reputation and is known for its excellent customer service. If, for any reason, you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of misplacing or having your Union Bank debit card stolen – whether it be a Verve, Visa, or Mastercard – you can take swift action to prevent any potential unauthorized access to your funds. Simply follow these straightforward steps: Send a text message with the content “BLOCK CARD [Your 10-digit Account Number]” to 20123 from the phone number linked to your account. The card will be automatically deactivated within a matter of minutes.

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To halt any unauthorized use of your UBA ATM card or account, dial *919*10*# and follow the prompts provided on the screen. Additionally, you can send a message with the content “BLOCK CARD” to Leo on Facebook or WhatsApp to initiate the card blocking process. Within UBA Mobile Banking, opt for the self-service feature from the menu and proceed to block your card. There are several more methods on How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost. Keep reading!


Unity Bank customers have the option to block their account or ATM card by dialing *7799*9*phone number# to initiate the account blocking process.


For Wema Bank, you can block both your account and ATM card by dialing *945# and following the instructions provided on the screen.

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If you have their mobile app installed on your smartphone, you have the option to deactivate the card. Log in to the app and choose “CARDS & Cheques” from the menu. Under “CARDS,” select “MANAGE CARDS,” then choose the ATM account you wish to deactivate. You will receive an authentication code on the number associated with the account. Input this code as required, and your card will be deactivated within minutes.

Alternatively, for those without smartphones, you can call 1.800.554.8969 for immediate deactivation.


Sterling Bank, being one of the prominent banks in Nigeria, provides a range of cards to its customers. If you find yourself in a situation where your ATM card is lost or misplaced, you can promptly deactivate it within minutes. You can get in touch with them via their email address at, or reach out by phone at 070078375464. Additionally, if you’re active on social media, you can contact them through their various handles. They include Facebook at, Twitter at, or Instagram at


To sum up, the use of cheques is diminishing as technology-driven methods are becoming more prevalent. ATM cards, while convenient, carry a security risk if lost or stolen. This article aims to guide you through simple steps to promptly deactivate the card once you realize it’s missing. We have exhaustively talked about How to Block all Bank ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen/Lost. Follow our website and leave a comment below for more information.

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