How not to honour altruistic leaders -GCFRNG

How not to honour altruistic leaders -GCFRNG

HISTORY is replete with the facts of great men and women caught in an insatiable obsession of patriotic fervor that marks them as species possessed by an unfathomable quest to change the narratives of their generation.

An individual of good character chooses to do the right things at the right time because he has a moral conviction that that course of action is the right thing to do at that time. In doing so, the possibility of others misrepresenting or misinterpreting such intentions could be high, no matter how noble they may appear.

Our history of ruthless, despicable, and dismissive disposition toward the renewal of human capital is wildly legendary, discouragingly unacceptable, and wildly undesirable. Recruiting a multi-faceted and altruistic personality with high integrity and excellent morals to the abyss of irrelevance at the altar of ego and power play would amount to gross misconduct and a disservice to our collective determination for a better society.

Therefore, we need more lighting. We need more light and understanding of each other. Enlightenment creates understanding, understanding creates love and compassion, love creates patience, tolerance and patience creates unity. Once we become more familiar with each other, we will stop condemning each other and a united and formidable front can definitely be achieved.

We seem to be in a hurry to forget the good works of Adams Oshiomhole, a man who not only once stood up for the plight of his own people, but also addressed a broader spectrum of diverse and interconnected allied issues that traditionally inhibited and clogged the wheel. growth. of his people in many ways.

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This is a man imbued with complementary strategies to achieve desired goals through a relentless explosion of energy and vigor. Those are, without a doubt, the distinctive natural make-up of him as a unique individual, and it arguably worked for him to a great extent. Many of his admirers loved him for his style, dexterity and dexterity.

Should we, therefore, recruit and sacrifice this great national asset to the rubble due to the power play? Have we forgotten his swags on the dance floors, particularly on the podiums at rallies and other official engagements, his right hand gripping the microphone, his left hand gesturing as he processes facts and figures from memory, without a written script? ?

Have we forgotten his dance moves in all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory during the presidential campaigns that prompted the emergence of Nigeria’s acting president, President Muhamadu Buhari, so soon?

Oshiomhole has ingrained his name in the sands of time and is indelibly recorded that no falsehood can erase, particularly his exploits in the political arena. It is a universally recognized fact that Oshiomhole played a prominent role culminating in Buhari’s emergence as president in the first and second terms of his administration. He was deeply at the forefront of the intense horse trade that gave rise to the fusion through which Buhari came to power.

In most of his speeches, he never left anyone in doubt, but eloquently and unambiguously he declared that Buhari was the right choice to lead the country through progress.

He did everything in his power, took all the bullets to ensure APC’s victory, but today, he has been marginalized, used and abandoned by the very power he cultivated to become the center of attention and the can. He remembers that not all virtues and human beings are the same, nor are all fingers the same.

He travels through history to discover some of the best the world has produced, with admirable God-given virtues; Courage, courage, temperance, restraint, liberality, magnificence, etc., yet all are known to have their fair share of human flaws. He is intrinsically embedded in all human beings. Oshiomhole is no exception.

Eight years ago an incident took place in Lagos that made headlines around the world. Daniel Ohikhena, a vibrant little boy with vigor and a passion to excel, saw the hopelessness in the society we live in and, realizing that there was no tomorrow in Nigeria, he decided to take his fate into his hands.

To overcome the mountain of obstacles that inhibited him from making his dreams of success in life come true, Daniel had a plan that he never revealed to anyone.

He hid in the wheels of a Lagos-bound plane thinking it was a foreign-bound flight. Little did he know that he was heading to no man’s land, as Lagos is popularly known. Upon reaching Lagos, he was spotted descending from the wheels of the aircraft and he was immediately rescued and handed over to government authorities.

When the news broke, Oshiomhole, in his usual characteristic of magnanimity, quickly took the boy and adopted him as his own personal son. He awarded her a scholarship to the university of his choice and has been caring for the boy and his mother ever since.

It is comforting to know that the boy has grown up in Oshiomhole’s care, he is doing well and is currently in college. Oshiomhole, a national asset, has done well as an individual and as a public figure.

There are so many great qualities embedded in the life of this great man that the Nigerian nation can explore for the general benefit of all as we mark another milestone in the annals of our history as a nation at age 61, in search of an enduring legacy. of peace, love, unity in our diversity.

Therefore, let us emphasize more on the virtues of forgiveness, tolerance and temperance that God has given us, because with this gesture true unity in diversity can be achieved.

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