Hilda Bacci and Patoranking Celebrates Perfect jollof Rice

YouTube enlisted renowned chef Hilda Bacci, also known as Chef Hilda, to craft the perfect jollof in honor of “Jollof Month.” To assist her in the kitchen, Hilda was paired with the popular dancehall-reggae singer, Patoranking.

In the introductory video, Hilda stated: “YouTube asked me to make the perfect jollof to celebrate the ‘Jollof Month.’ But I won’t be doing it alone. I have an assistant. I don’t know if this my assistant will choke me for calling him that. But who cares?”

Upon Patoranking’s arrival, Hilda warmly welcomed him with a hug at the door. He inquired, “Is this another cook-a-thon?” to which she replied, “Yes, but this time we are doing it together.”

Hilda briefed Patoranking on their collaborative cooking venture, handed him an apron, donned hers, and they got to work. As she detailed the various types of rice and ingredients, she revealed their intention to prepare a unique variation of the well-loved dish – “coconut jollof rice.”

She expressed confidence that the dancehall singer would be smitten with the final result of their culinary creation. They proceeded to cook, with Hilda actively involving Patoranking in the process, providing guidance on when and what ingredients to add to the pot as they prepared their coconut jollof rice.

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