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If you are a boxing fan, then you have probably heard of Hasim Rahman JR. In this post, we will be discussing everything about Hasim Rahman Jr, including What is Hasim Rahman’s JR record? Hasim Rahman Jr Boxrec, Hasim Rahman Jr Boxing, Hasim Rahman Jr Religion, Hasim Rahman Jr Wikipedia, Hasim Rahman Jr Stats, Hasim Rahman Jr Amateur Record, and so on.

He was born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 15, 1991. Hasim Rahman, a former professional boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion, is his father.
He is a professional boxer from the United States who will compete for the WBC-USNBC heavyweight title in April 2022. Rahman Jr. made his professional boxing debut on April 14, 2017, at the age of 25 against Ralph Alexander. He has yet to win a world championship. Rahman Jr. is thirty-one years old.

Rahman Jr. rose to prominence when his fight with Jake Paul was made public in July 2022. According to rumors, Hasim and Paul will face off at New York’s Madison Square Garden on August 6, 2022. Fans are excited to attend their fight because Paul has never faced a professional boxer before. In addition, Hasim garnered recognition when his Instagram following jumped from 5000 to 250k in a matter of hours. He said Jake obtained more followers without his permission.

What is Hasim Rahman’s JR record?

Hasim Rahman Jr. has fought 13 times in his professional boxing career, winning 12 and losing one. Rahman Jr.’s boxing record as of October 2022 is 12-1. (6 KOs). He has fought 40 rounds of professional boxing in 13 fights.

So far, Rahman Jr. has knocked out six of his thirteen opponents. His KO ratio is presently 46.2%. Six of his twelve victories have been via KO (50%). Hasim Rahman Jr. has had one loss in 13 fights. In his 13th bout, he was defeated by James McKenzie Morrison through 5th round TKO; his 12-fight win run ended with this defeat. Morrison is the only boxer to have defeated Rahman Jr. For additional information on this defeat, see All of Hasim Rahman Jr.’s defeats.

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Hasim Rahman Jr Boxrec

According to Boxrec, these are his details:

ratingone Star
 #222 / 1,361 #56 / 378
birth nameHasim Sharif Rahman Jr.
sex male
aliasGold Blooded, Sangre De Oro
nationality USA
height6′ 3″   /   191cm
residenceBaltimore, Maryland, USA
birth placeBaltimore, Maryland, USA
register as manager
promoterGreg Cohen

Hasim Rahman Jr boxing

Hasim Rahman Jr. began boxing professionally at the age of 25; on April 14, 2017, he made his debut against Ralph Alexander and defeated him through first-round TKO.

Among the significant victories of Rahman Jr. are victories against Alejandro de la Torre, Nathan Bedwell, Steven Tyner, James Jones, Ralph Alexander, Demetrius Shaw, and Mario Rodriguez Juarez. His finest fights are a comprehensive list of Rahman Jr.’s top performances.

His most recent fight was a non-title match on April 29, 2022, against fellow American boxer James McKenzie Morrison. Rahman Jr. was defeated by TKO in the fifth round. This battle took place 5 months and 15 days ago.

Hasim Rahman Jr religion

He is a practicing Muslim who was fasting throughout Ramadan when he met Lennox Lewis.

Hasim Rahman Jr Wikipedia

Wikipedia gave a detailed report on Hasim Rahman Jr Professional Life

Rahman Jr. made his professional boxing debut on April 14, 2017, after fighting over 100 amateur matches. He began his career with three TKO victories. Rahman Jr. fought three times in 2021, two of which ended in a knockout. In April 2022, he suffered a TKO loss against Kenzie Morrison, the son of veteran professional boxer Tommy Morrison, for the WBC USNBC heavyweight championship.

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Rahman Jr. was scheduled to fight Jake Paul on August 6, 2022, at Madison Square Garden as a late replacement when British boxer and Love Island star Tommy Fury withdrew from the match on July 6, 2022, alleging issues entering the United States after his ESTA was refused by US Homeland Security.

Rahman Jr and Paul have substantial size and experience discrepancies, with the former having over 100 amateur boxing bouts and Paul having only one, on the undercard of KSI versus Logan Paul in August 2018. The size contrast between the two males is clearly noticeable. Rahman weighed 224 pounds in his previous battle against Kenzie Morrison in April 2022, whilst Paul barely weighed 191 pounds in his rematch against Tyron Woodley in December 2021.

More Info

BJ Flores, Paul’s trainer, and former professional boxer, also said that the New York State Athletic Commission urged against the bout, claiming Rahman Jr is “too experienced” and “accustomed to fighting bigger people.”

Most Valuable Promotions (MVP), Paul’s promotional outfit, said on July 30, 2022, that Rahman had withdrawn from the fight and that the entire show had been canceled. Rahman allegedly backed out due to weight concerns, with the New York State Athletic Commission refusing to approve the bout at the 200lb cruiserweight because Rahman’s weight cut was moving slowly, with just 1lb gone since signing the contract. Paul, MVP, and the State Commission subsequently decided to implement a new 205-pound weight restriction, with Rahman originally consenting. However, Rahman then said that he would not compete unless the bout was sanctioned at 215lb, which resulted in MVP dissolving his contract and canceling the entire show.

Rahman Jr. signed with Happy Punch Promotions, a boxing promotion business formed by YouTubers Keemstar and Fousey, on September 14, 2022.

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Personal life

Rahman Jr. currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has twelve siblings, one of which is also a boxer, Sharif Rahman. Rahman Jr. is a devoted Muslim who has renounced gambling and betting on religious grounds.
Rahman Jr. was engaged in an automobile accident in 2013 that resulted in the death of another motorist. He received a three-year jail sentence for dangerous driving. On December 21, 2016, he was freed.

In 2014, Rahman Jr. and his brother filed a lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather Jr., alleging 14 different claims. This followed an incident in which Rahman Jr.’s brother was severely beaten by amateur Donovan Cameron while Mayweather watched what was supposed to be a sparring session and prevented the people present from breaking up the fight.

Hasim Rahman Jr stats

Hasim Rahman Jr. stands 191 cm (6′ 3.20″) tall and has a reach of 191 cm (6′ 3.20″). He fights in an orthodox posture and has an ape index of 0. Rahman Jr. has a KO rate of 53.8%.

Hasim Rahman Jr amateur record

He has over 100 amateur fights and made his professional boxing debut on April 14, 2017

Hasim Rahman Jr height

He is 6 ft 21⁄2 in and 189 centimeters

Hasim Rahman jr reach

79 in and 201 cm

Hasim Rahman jr net worth

Hasim Rahman Jr. and his family enjoy a lavish lifestyle. He lives in a lovely home that is filled with modern art. He earns money through boxing, contests, and other activities. The net worth of Hasim Rahman Jr. is reported to be USD 2 million (approx.).

What weight does Hasim Rahman Jr fight at?

“They’re a cruiserweight, and I’ve spent my entire career as a cruiserweight”  I signed a contract for 200 pounds and then couldn’t accomplish it three weeks later. My body simply would not allow me to drop below 200 pounds.

Hasim Rahman Jr next fight

Rahman Jr. will now fight former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort in Sheffield, England, on October 15, 2022. That fight will be part of the main event for the upcoming DAZN X Series 002, which will be co-promoted by YouTuber KSI’s Misfits Boxing.

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