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In the wake of the ousting of President Alpha Conde of the Republic of Guinea on Sunday, UN SDG representative and continental negotiator, Advocacy for Good Governance Network, Amb Hussaini Coomassie has condemned the ousting of President call it a trial plan. the elimination of democracy in the country.

He said this while talking to our reporter at his Abuja villa, as soon as the military took over the government it was squabbling with development.

According to him, the Alpha Conde of the Republic of Guinea was elected by the people and should be overthrown by a democratic government. He explained that what the military is doing is wrong, that it should not be taken lightly.

He called on the international community, especially ECOWAS, to “intervene and save this country from chaos.”

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Coomassie added that “democracy is under threat in Guinea,” calling for everyone to see this as an opportunity to reform its democratic system that will shape the country.

The TV address featured nine unnamed soldiers, many dressed in national flags of red, gold and green, who claimed to have taken over because of rampant corruption, mismanagement and collapse. poor.

Calling themselves the National Reform and Development Committee, they said the law had been broken and advice would be needed to create a new one.

Many reports say it was led by a prominent group led by former French army chief Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya.

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