Government of Nigerian planning and operations in the world – GCFRNG

Government of Nigerian planning and operations in the world – GCFRNG

Written by Deborah Omotutu
Over the years, experts have tried to keep the pieces in order to better understand the work that Nigeria is doing in the rest of the world. It seems that the status quo, the status of a Nigerian diplomat established by him due to his vast economic wealth, population and rich experience in the struggle for independence.

Africa became the center of Nigeria’s foreign policy as evidenced by its commitment to the fight against colonial rule and racism. This can be seen in his work in conflict resolution as well as his role as mediator in the ongoing conflict in Africa, where he transports his vast wealth of ideas and ideas to further political integration. regional politics and economy.

This earned him the title of “Big Brother” on the continent in his area. Nigeria is seen as the “big Africa” and, internationally, it has embraced the unconventional situation which has made it a stalemate as every film industry thinks it is important.

Today, the sustained idea of ​​Nigeria being a great African, the brother of the largest Black nation is an idea among Nigerians. But is Nigeria what it is supposed to be? Was it a big country? Does he have the right to be one? Is it power in Africa and around the world?

Can he use his power violently and in need in the years to come or in the future? Any state can take a role in the international arena, but what is important is how the plan is to predict national interests. Briefly by S.F Folarin: “Nigeria’s Participation… There has been more conflict in Nigeria since independence to date than the conflict it has helped to resolve abroad. ”Therefore, this begs the question of Nigeria’s ingenuity in resolving conflicts in Africa.

Nigeria’s power has been recognized since independence was the only thing that was important at the time, and since the time of change, successive leaders have had a changing tendency to design its responsibilities in the world. This is because it is not a country but a state and as a result, it has no national interest or aspirations that its citizens have in what they want to achieve or be.

The property and land space in Nigeria does not belong to him but to the country within it. It is for this reason that the governing body of the department seeks to use such resources for the development and promotion of regional planning. Nigeria is seen as a “major disability”, as the black country has the largest population and the largest population.

Although he is disabled on any list of human development, he is not a great person. While they are the nation with the highest black value in fact, they have become the undisputed target for glory to reduce mental injury for lack of development in the third country. The Nigerian population should not be a figure, but it is alive to its citizens and its impact on its image.

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However, its numbers are declining sharply from daily killings and attacks, political assassinations, murders, ethnic cleansings, massacres, secret wars, police brutality, shipwrecks. / gasoline and traffic accidents. His death was greater than his birth. The positive turnout today will show a dramatic decline in the Nigerian population.

Because of the infrastructure, the territory and the population of the country within it, and the lack of national interest, the state called Nigeria has no power or authority. Because of departmental agendas, it refused to create the infrastructure of its citizens, create a single interest rate and import accountability into government. Even if it is just a state, its sovereignty is being challenged with religious militias like Boko Haram destroying its land.

Pundits are celebrating as every opportunity Nigeria has to protect its citizens and do good for the world. For example, the government called on Chinese people to enter the country amidst COVID-19 infection, despite its origins in Wuhan, ignoring warnings from concerned Nigerians and especially, health workers.

This is despite the fact that Chinese face masks, respirators and test kits imported from Europe and America have been tested positive for this virus. While the world is paying close attention to China, this has been done to the surprise of Nigerians and the world. This is in line with the efforts of the legislature to get Nigerians into immunization.

Currently, there is no clear definition of the Federal Government

about the work of the Chinese in Nigeria. Various interpretations and disagreements, it is said that Chinese citizens lost at the same time. What is clear is the planned part of the Chinese mission to serve in Nigeria.

While some Nigerians want to reshape the American dream in Nigeria, this will not be the case. It is not enough for Nigeria to copy the US presidential system because these two countries are very important in terms of policy, planning and legislation. The US is a computer. Although it is a melting pot of nations, it has become a national entity over time by the power of all governments and aspirations.

Nigerians will understand today that, although they still have one country, they do not have a country that seeks their interests and does the same in the world. Nigeria has no jobs and is the only spectator in the world. Many feared that it would crumble if all the city was not reformed to accommodate the sovereignty and aspirations of its people.

Omotutu, a student of international relations, writes from Benin City, Edo State.

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