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Have you ever excessively watched a show on Netflix? You can agree with us that it takes lots of time and dedication to complete a full series on Netflix. To some, it would seem like you’re wasting your time and to others it would seem like you are jobless. However, what if I told you that you can actually benefit from just sitting and watching a movie? In this post “Get paid to watch Netflix” we shall show you how this is done. We also talked about the process of getting paid by Netflix and how Netflix posting works. As well as how to become a Netflix tagger and how to know a real Netflix posting.

A while ago, Netflix announced its decision to pay viewers for watching shows on the site. This development is one that is widely welcomed as so many people love watching movies and shows. In addition to this decision, Netflix also stated that it will increase its spending on Original contents by 25%. This action was however taken to overrule the rumors going around that the company is shutting down. What these decisions simply means is that come 2023, people will be paid for just sitting to watch shows. This can serve as the perfect opportunity to do what you love as well as earn money.

How does Netflix posting work?

As earlier said, in 2023, Netflix will start paying some viewers money to stream videos on the app. You may be wondering, how is this possible? What will Netflix gain from this? Well, Netflix will simply partner with brands interested in reaching a certain group of persons. These brands after reaching out with Netflix, will enter a contract with them to show videos or adds that will help get their target audience. In turn, they pay Netflix who in turn pays it’s viewers for watching. Amazing right?! Just in case you’re still confused, we’ll give you a scenario.

For example, a Real Estate company sees a show on Netflix and wishes to reach its viewers/audience. The company will then discuss with Netflix, stating their interest in that particular show and how they also want to get to its audience. After a signed contract, Netflix will now begin to insert short ads in that particular show the company talked about. The add can come in every 30 minutes or also in every episode. As the viewers, you will have no choice but to watch the ad since you are already on Netflix. However, for every time the ad pops up on your screen and you watch it, you will be paid.

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The Process of getting paid by Netflix

After Netflix has partnered with the brands and come to an agreement, getting paid to watch the ads is not that simple. Sadly, not everybody will benefit from this as there are billions of people using Netflix across the globe. However, the good thing about this is that its beneficiaries are selected at random. This means that those brands in partnership with Netflix will select people to participate and monitor them as well. Some times the people selected are required to answer some sort of questionnaire stating how often they watch Netflix and what shows they watch.

The participants of this project go by different names when selected. They are usually called “Netflix taggers” as well as “Creative analyst” and “editorial analysts”. One of the best things about this is that you can make it a part time gig for you and earn money by doing so. Participants are usually paid with gift cards, cash as well as other valuable prices in exchange for their diligence. As long as you have a Netflix account, being a Netflix tagger is a beautiful remote job that you can do.

How to become a Netflix tagger

Being a Netflix tagger is not as easy or simple as we have made it out to be. It doesn’t just involve watching movies, getting selected and also getting paid. In the real sense of things, being a tagger goes beyond watching shows all day, something everybody loves to do. It also involves actual tagging, rating, researching and building up title metadata for Netflix original shows. In addition to this, it is important to have in mind that not everybody can apply for this position. To apply for this, you must have at least 5 years experience in the film industry in addition to being an exceptional screenwriter.

By and Large, it is clear that getting the position of a Netflix tagger is majorly geared towards professionals. Sometimes, even professionals don’t land this role as Netflix seldom calls for hiring. Listings for the role of a Netflix tagger are usually hard to find which leads us to assume that hiring is not frequently as well. However, a lot of people don’t know this and in a bid to make money, they fall prey of scam sites. We shall now tell you how to pin point the difference between a real call for hire and a fake.

How to know a real Netflix posting

First and foremost, what you need to know is that Netflix will never post official update on a random website. If there is an available position in Netflix for a job, it is usually posted on the Netflix Job Board or the Official Netflix profile on indeed. They also post on ZipRecruiter as well as any other job posting website. However, if you see any job by Netflix on any recruitment site, go to Netflix Job Board to confirm. The only authentic site for Netflix job posting is the Netflix Job Board.

Asides the board, there are 3 major things to also look out for to confirm the authenticity of a posting. They are;

  • If the listing is posted on a random website or from an unofficial account, it is fake
  • Also, if the job description says “No experience required”, it is fake. Netflix requires a 5 year experience max.
  •  Lastly, if the job listing evokes a sense of urgency, it is fake! Netflix will never tell you to hurry because there are limited slots available.

Ways to make money by watching Netflix

There are several clever ways to make money just by watching shows and movies on Netflix. Although we have talked about taking the position of a tagger, there are actual easier ways to do this. Some of the ways of making money by watching Netflix are;

  1. Working as a Netflix tagger
  2. Using Viggle tracking app to track your watch progress
  3. Starting a review blog on movies watched
  4. Nielsen computer and Mobile panel
  5. Being an affiliate marketer for shows on Netflix
  6. Providing closed captioning for movies
  7. Starting a YouTube channel or podcast talking about movies you’ve watched
  8. Going to reward sites and using their package.

How much will I earn as a Netflix tagger?

As said earlier, as a Netflix tagger you get to do what you love, watching movies, and get paid in the process. In fact you can grow from being a Netflix tagger into owning your own carrier as the pay is quite good. According to research, taggers earn about $100,000 yearly which is above the income of an American citizen. However, Netflix has about 3 pay structures for taggers according to their streaming method. People that stream programs in SD, HD and Ultra HD all get different payments as these qualities are not the same.

Taggers that stream on SD video quality with a single screen get paid the least which is $8.99 per show. They are the Basic pay earners. The second structure is the Standard pay earners who stream on two screens with HD video quality. These ones earn $12.99 for each show watched. The last pay structure are those who earn $15.99 as Premium pay. Taggers on this structure stream programs on 4 different screen in Ultra HD and HD qualities only.

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How do I sign up for Netflix?

Before you can take advantage of all the mouth watering benefits Netflix has to offer, you must first be signed in. As a Netflix subscriber, you are charged just once a month on the date you signed up. It is important to also note that there are no commitments or contracts connected to this sign up. You can always cancel or change your plan as you so please.

The following are ways through which you can sign up for Netflix.

  • Download the app if you are using a phone. If it is a smart TV, don’t bother, it is there by default. However, if you are using a computer, you don’t need an app. Just go to the website up.
  • Select a plan that is convenient for you
  • Create an account by inputting your email and a password.
  • Enter payment method (Subscription money will be deducted automatically monthly)
  • You can now stream!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is being a Netflix tagger a real job?

Yes it is! Being a Netflix tagger is a real job and you are being paid real money for it. However, you should be careful as taggers are very few because of the rarity in hiring.

How do I become a tagger?

To be a tagger, you must have at least 5 years experience in the movie industry. Also, you must be a prolific writer as well. However, have in mind that all these doesn’t automatically quality you to be a tagger though.

How do Netflix auditions work?

If you wish to appear on a show on Netflix, remember that Netflix DOES NOT conduct auditions. If you see a sight saying Netflix wants you to audition, the its probably a scam. Producers and directors of shows in Netflix conduct the auditions.

Can you work from home with Netflix?

With how fast the concept of Remote jobs is spreading, yes! You can work from home with Netflix.


Watching movies and shows on Netflix is a very relaxing hobby and even better when you get to earn from it. Being a tagger is not the only way to earn from Netflix aw there are other less formal ways to do so. You can also create a website of your own talking about Netflix original movies and earn from that. Follow our website and leave a comment below for more information.

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