General Meaning of Dreaming about Pigs

Pigs are animals that are generally considered dirty as a result of their nature. However, despite this, they still serve as a source of food to some. Because pigs are such common animals, it is possible for one to dream about them. Have you ever had dreams that involved pigs and wondered what they mean? Well, in this post “General Meaning of Dreaming about Pigs”, we have tried to answer your questions. We also talked about What does it mean to dream about pigs? and Meaning of Dreams about Pigs: A Biblical Perspective. As well as, dreaming about being a victim of attack from many pigs and Encountering a Deceased Pig in a Dream.

What do you think of when the topic of pigs is brought up? These creatures might be perceived as unclean and simple, maybe even repulsive. On the other hand, they could also be linked with prosperity and amiability. Likewise, in dreams, pigs can hold positive or negative interpretations. They might symbolize joy and optimism, or on the contrary, provoke feelings of disgust and detachment. Just like any animals that appear in dreams, pigs symbolize various traits of the dreamer or their life circumstances. Reflecting on personal connections with these animals is a useful exercise. Afterward, you can explore their broader symbolism provided in this post General Meaning of Dreaming about Pigs.

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What does it mean to dream about pigs?

Pigs are creatures intricately linked to the earthly realm and the realm of materialism. These animals can astonish us with their determination, resilience, and a notably hearty appetite. However, contemporary society holds numerous unfavorable connotations regarding pigs.

The following are the symbolism of seeing a pig in dream:

Abundance and Achievement

The common practice of using piggy banks to store money is not without reason. In present-day culture, we correlate pigs with financial and material gain. In the realm of dreams, these creatures can symbolize our potential to thrive and attain accomplishments across various aspects of life.

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Uncleanliness and Requirement for Purification

Pigs engage in mud-bathing, a behavior that aids in temperature regulation and discourages parasites. This natural inclination has led to the negative association of filthiness, disorderliness, and a lack of cleanliness. From this perspective, encountering pigs in a dream can signify the necessity for either internal or external purification of the dreamer or their environment. Additionally, this animal can indicate the importance of being more attentive to individuals and circumstances in one’s life.

Excessive Indulgence and Necessity for Equilibrium

Pigs, boars, and hogs possess omnivorous eating habits, consuming a wide array of substances. Consequently, they can serve as symbols of overindulgence and avarice when they appear in dreams. Furthermore, pigs can also represent an inability to manage one’s impulses and cravings. It’s worth considering whether such traits are present in your life and how you can establish a harmonious equilibrium.

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Inflexibility and Self-Centeredness

Pigs are often linked to negative qualities like obstinacy and a strong-willed nature. Despite their physical strength, these creatures can represent an incapacity to find middle ground and engage in compromise within social interactions

Pigs may also mirror an indifference towards others and a tendency towards self-centeredness, akin to peacocks. The presence of a pig in a dream might indicate the requirement for a more harmonized perspective. Furthermore, these animals can guide you towards expressing your desires and considerations in a healthier manner. Keep following on this post “General Meaning of Dreaming about Pigs”.


Pigs possess an inherent intelligence that often goes unnoticed by most people. Their high level of cleverness enables them to thrive in various situations. From this standpoint, pigs can embody intellect and natural adaptability when confronted with challenges.

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General Meaning of Dreaming About Pigs

The specific context of a dream holds equal significance to the general symbolism attributed to the animal. Each instance of a nocturnal vision encompasses diverse feelings, intricacies, and actions that can provide cues for accurate interpretation.

Considering your personal associations with pigs and their broader symbolic implications, let’s explore some well-known dream scenarios below.

Dream of Being Pursued by a Pig

Encountering this scenario signifies the necessity to acknowledge a facet of your character. Should the emotions within the dream lean towards negativity, it could indicate the requirement to come to terms with an aspect of yourself that you find unappealing. This might be connected to untidiness, excessive desire, self-centeredness, and unrestrained indulgence. Alternatively, if you find the experience of a pig chasing you to be amusing, it means something different. Also, if you feel at ease during the dream, it could suggest the need to embrace something positive. Such a vision could allude to prosperity, achievement, and a harmonious connection with the natural world.

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Dreaming about a Pig Assailing Me

Dreams of this nature often carry unfavorable sentiments like rage and anxiety. This storyline highlights an internal struggle between various facets of your character.

From this standpoint, the pig serves as a representation of a dimension of yourself that you’ve been reluctant to could also mean you need to incorporate. As you come to terms with this aspect, the conflict is likely to diminish, allowing you to manage the tension more effectively.

Dreaming about being a victim of attack from many pigs

This circumstance compels you to closely observe a situation in your life. The presence of numerous pigs emphasizes the significance of the matter and how it might be undermining your reality.

Do you exhibit traits of greed or selfishness? Alternatively, are you grappling with emotional or physical clutter? These interpretations on “General Meaning of Dreaming about Pigs” would offer solutions.

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Dreaming of a Boar/Hog

Encountering these creatures in a dream can be linked to an internal perception of liberty and bravery. They can also signify a resolute determination and the aptitude to confront any life challenge.

Boars and hogs possess larger dimensions and greater strength compared to regular pigs. From this perspective, they epitomize masculinity and the potency of the natural world. The presence of a boar’s head on the insignias of ancient and medieval groups is no coincidence.

Dreaming of a Pig Emitting Screeches or Grunts

This dream signifies a certain aspect of yourself that is eager to convey a message to your conscious mind. The pig takes on the role of a messenger, seeking your attention towards something. To decipher the dream’s meaning, consider the additional elements within the dream and your present circumstances

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Encountering a Deceased Pig in a Dream

Should the emotions you experience be positive, this dream can symbolize the metamorphosis of a facet of yourself that you are dissatisfied with. You might be shedding qualities like obstinacy and avarice. This could mark your journey toward emotional or physical purification.

Conversely, negative sentiments within this scenario might point to the loss of something of value. It could be essential to rouse your creative inclinations to attain internal and external opulence. Reconnecting with your inherent wisdom and the encompassing natural environment may also be significant.

Slaying a Pig in a Dream

This situation indicates a necessity for a shift in your persona. You might need to discard an antiquated mindset and way of being, symbolized by the pig. Ponder your current life circumstances and the novel perspective that seeks to materialize.

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Dreaming about a Pig defecating

Defecation in dreams can encompass both favorable and unfavorable implications. Should your dream evoke positive sentiments, the sight of pig excrement can allude to potential prosperity in your future. Conversely, if the emotions elicited by the dream are negative, the interpretation of pig excrement takes on a contrasting significance. It might point to emotional hindrances or health issues. Additionally, it might signify the necessity for improved attention to both your material and emotional necessities.

Dreaming of a Baby Pig

Dreaming about piglets conveys a positive message regarding the untapped potential within your character. The presence of young pigs signifies prospects for forthcoming development, expansion, and abundance. Conversely, the imagery of baby animals is intertwined with sentiments of gentleness, maternal affection, and warmth. More meanings lie in this article on General Meaning of Dreaming about Pigs, keep reading.

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Interacting with a Pig in a Dream

Experiencing the act of petting a pig during your dream can elicit a sense of gratification and emotional connection. Symbolically, this gesture establishes a link to another facet of your personality, symbolized by the pig. Engaging with the animal through petting signifies your growing familiarity with this aspect and your personal enrichment.

Dream Involving Cooking a Pig

The act of cooking holds symbolic connotations of the alchemical process of inner transformation. In this context, the preparation of a meal involving pork signifies a movement within the psyche.

Dream of Consuming a Pig

This situation can signify the necessity to amalgamate certain personal attributes that you link with pigs. These traits might encompass notions of liberty, triumph, material affluence, and sagacity. If you hold such beliefs and find yourself eating a pig in your dream, it could point to an internal conflict between your socially acceptable facade and the unfiltered aspect of your psyche.

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Feeding a Pig in a Dream

This dream carries symbolic implications of nurturing a facet of yourself. Providing sustenance to a pig may indicate a desire to amplify your sense of liberty and innate wisdom. It might also suggest the potential for increased material or emotional abundance in your waking life.

Conversely, unfavorable interpretations of this dream might highlight tendencies toward excess or self-centeredness. It could be valuable to contemplate ways to harmonize your perspectives and lead a more well-rounded existence.

Struggling Against a Pig in a Dream

This scenario hints at an internal clash that your subconscious mind is bringing to light. You might be contending with a real-life situation or grappling with an aspect of yourself that you find disagreeable. Reflect on where the issue lies in your reality and contemplate possible resolutions.

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Dream of Flying Pigs

The concept of air is linked with intellect and logical thinking. Thus, the appearance of flying pigs in your dream might symbolize astuteness and adaptability. Conversely, this situation could also signify an impractical perspective and an excessive inclination towards fanciful thinking.

Dreaming about the blood of a Pig

Blood holds both positive and negative implications. If you experience inner tranquility during the dream, the sight of pigs’ blood can symbolize your connection to vitality and resilience.

Conversely, if your predominant emotions are negative, this scenario may indicate aggression and violence. This kind of dream might manifest among individuals who have experienced trauma, serving as a mechanism to integrate distressing events into their psyche.

Dream About a Pig Entering Your Home

This storyline suggests the introduction of something new into your awareness. Should the pig be soiled and unwelcome, the dream might urge you to address a problematic situation in your life. Conversely, if your emotional response is positive, you could associate the presence of the pig with the notions of abundance and fertility that the creature embodies.

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Dream of an Oversized Pig

The animal’s size in a dream can intensify the qualities it represents and emphasize the significance of its message. If fear or unease accompanies the dream, it could point to an amplification of negative traits within your character.

In contrast, positive sentiments attached to encountering a large pig could imbue it with symbolism related to the Great Mother goddess and divine guardianship. Furthermore, the dream might also symbolize prosperity and the enrichment of one’s character.

Encountering Numerous Pigs in a Dream

Observing a gathering of pigs within a dream can elicit either a sense of apprehension or tranquility. Depending on your perception of these animals, they can hint at the necessity to address either a negative or positive attribute within your personality or a particular situation.

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Diverse Meanings of Pig Colors

Colors within dreams introduce an additional layer of significance to each interpretation. While the sight of a pink pig might appear commonplace, dreaming of a white one could imply the requirement for purification and spiritual advancement. A black pig could be linked to internal or external obscurity and impurity. Additionally, it may symbolize a suppressed facet of your character that seeks integration into your conscious awareness. On the other hand, a red pig might signal hazardous inclinations in your real life that necessitate change.

Meaning of Dreams about Pigs: A Biblical Perspective

The pig’s connection to the Mother Goddess in different mythologies stems from its well-known symbolism of fertility. In ancient Greek culture, the pig holds a special place as the preferred creature of the fertility goddess Demetra. Often depicted as a colossal woman who consumes pigs, she embodies notions of abundance, motherhood, and fertility.

The wild boar is a recurring figure in many Anglo-Saxon narratives, symbolizing both fierceness and valor. In Greek mythology, it is famously recognized as a formidable and determined adversary in the tale of Hercules. Additionally, within the folklore of the Garo people in India, the wild boar holds a reputation as the most fearsome creature. In the Chinese zodiac, the pig assumes the final and twelfth position. According to legend, during a grand assembly convened by the emperor, various animals were invited. The pig, however, paused for a sumptuous feast and subsequently dozed off, leading to its tardy arrival at the gathering due to its perceived laziness.

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In conclusion, pigs encompass a wide range of dream interpretations. If your emotions within the dream lean toward discomfort and unease, you might consider delving into the negative connotations associated with these creatures. Conversely, if your sentiments are calm and amiable towards them, pigs could convey a positive message in your dream state. By attentively deciphering your visions, you can uncover the genuine aspects of your personality. We have now exhaustively talked about General Meaning of Dreaming about Pigs. Follow our website and leave a comment below for more information.

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