Free Online Customer Service Training Tools

This article on 10 free online customer service training tools is to provide you with resources to boost customer service. In this article as well, we would be looking at the importance of online customer service training tools. It will also educate you on when customer service training should happen. The 10 free online customer service training tools discussed below will help you in choosing which is best for you.

10 Free Online Customer Service Training Tools

Below, we have listed out 10 free online customer service training tools that will provide you with excellent customer service.


Everything that you need for a top notch customer service training can be found in EdApp. Indeed, it provides lots of packages and high quality materials in free courses. The best part of it all is that these free courses offer vital instructions for effective communication and resolution of problems. A quick review test can be conducted to evaluate the retention of training material by your staff. In order to save vital details permanently, this online training tool has a feature of spaced repetition software.

Enyota Learning

For customer service professionals, this simulation-based training software is quite ideal and essential. As a result of this training software, your staffs will be able to learn the necessary details without leaving their houses. In addition, this allows students experiment and learn as it has the ability to create risk-free virtual settings. Indeed, the adaptability it has to your mobile and computer makes the individualized lesson plans enjoyable. There is no determined cost however as it is available upon request.

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For those in search of a training software that can provide scenario-based materials, BranchTrack can be seen as an ideal option. Indeed, the customer service training is improved as it provides you with scenarios for effective communication. You can choose to give personality to your characters by selecting an already existing character or upload your own recorded voiceovers. It is free but paid plans start at 999 USD for a year.


It is known that companies that wish to establish a training session for their staffs can do so with AcademyOcean. You can decide to start from the beginning or make use of their videos, audio, text, and even slideshows. In order to allow the students engage in role-playing activities, this training software includes a quiz maker. Courses can be conveniently completed by students as they can access this training software on any mobile device or computer. Note that the cost starts at 225 USD for each month.


New courses can easily be developed from scratch and other courses can be imported because the course builder for Compono is modular. As a result of your ability to generate modules, students are guided to the necessary materials at the appropriate time. Constant awareness of your staff’s success and growth is made possible by the report analysis of Compono. The cost is not determined but it is however, available upon request.

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This platform specifically designed for customer service instructors provides you with engaging and effective training materials. A personal schedule of courses and quizzes can be created by you. Although the premium course library provides you with ready-to-use courses on various topics if you don’t want to start from scratch. In addition, experiences and knowledge can be shared within learners as the platform provides virtual classrooms and discussion boards. The cost for this training software starts at 25 USD per month.


Indeed, this comprehensive education system adds up as a support staff education training software. In fact, the online course collection offered by it provides lessons on effective communication and knowledge about products. However, based on the duties and level of expertise, you can choose individualized learning patterns for your staff. WorkRamp supports combined learning so students are offered online courses and live webinars. The cost is usually available upon request.


Outstanding courses for effective customer service is provided by this e-learning portal. The best part of it all is the opportunity offered to you to request unique e-learning courses as their team is made up of experts in several fields. Lots of information can be accessed from this training software as their built-in library is constantly uploaded with documents. Cost is available upon request.

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Employees that are saddled with the responsibility of interacting with customers will find Axonify perfect as it provides complimentary training tools which are useful to them. In short, you are offered a content market in which you can decide to make use of premade or custom-made training modules of your liking. Courses can be developed just for you by their staff of capable instructional designers. In order to help your team with the most essential and valuable resources, you are at liberty to develop strategic learning paths. Furthermore, the cost is available upon request.


This last but not the least training software provides you with the ability to initiate fun in your customer service training sessions. Various types of activities can be created to check your team’s knowledge with this e-learning interaction builder. In addition, you can use its cloud-based editor to create quizzes as this stores interactions you established online safely. Therefore, there won’t be any need to re-upload your interactions as this training software supports real time editing. The cost is free but a paid plan starts at 9.99 USD monthly.

Importance of Online Customer Service Training Tools

It is known to all that even the best of products can have flaws and shortcomings. Queries can be made about products or clarifications can be needed by a new buyer. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the customer service staff to rectify any issues whether big or small. Indeed, even the most difficult issues can be solved by these category of people. They serve as a vital aspect for any organization as a customer will only return again when they have a conducive process. As a result, their training is really of great importance and these shall be discussed below.

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Quality Customer Experience

The customer service training provides your customers with quality customer experience as all their questions can be attended to by friendly and knowledgeable staffs. They act significantly to the organization’s benefit as they are very good with communication.

Make Resolution Process Faster

Many customers experience dissatisfaction when their issues can’t be resolved or when it’s moved to another agent. Therefore, the advantage of proper training is to sharpen agents to easily rectify issues for clients.

Aids in Retaining Customers

Poor customer service has actually gone a long way in making some organizations lose some part of their yearly revenue. By providing proper training to the customer service representatives, you avoid the possibility of losing customers to competing rivals.

Customer Referrals

There is a possibility of a greater expansion of your customer base as a result of customer referrals. Indeed, it is quite easier these days for satisfied customers to refer others through online reviews, digital forums and even words of mouth. Surely, people tend to let in others on the positive experiences they have with a particular product or company.

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When Customer Service Training Should Happen

Indeed, the training of customer service training is a process that sharpens the resources and approaches of the personnel. However, it is only achieved with the implementation of a schedule for learning. Therefore, there are very vital moments in which this training should be conducted.

During Induction of New Staffs

Regardless of the experience one might claim to have as a customer service representative, it’s crucial to conduct a training process for all new recruits. A thorough understanding of how your company operates and the systems used should be obtained by new staffs. Therefore, it’s essential to offer this training to new staffs in order to give the customers a conducive experience.

Moments of meeting up with Evolving Market Demands

Indeed, one’s abilities to adapt to the ever-changing market demands brings about good customer service. Therefore, it is only appropriate that the team which provides customer service should be trained regularly. This is because constant training gets them acquainted with recent channels of communication and even tone expected by foreign clients.

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Periods after Establishing New Procedures

Indeed, customer training should be done after establishing new procedures as this constantly improves productivity and efficiency. Therefore, customer service representatives should be instructed with the new methods and have their training handbook revised after a change.

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Regular Training and Improvement

Indeed, the saying that practice makes perfect is true as there is always need for improvement so training never ends. Employees can improve their skills with constant training tools.

Best Ways to offer Customer Service Training

Indeed, there is a plethora of training methods for customer service training and each comes with their benefits and shortcomings. Therefore, we will be discussing below on the four most used approaches for customer service training.

Training led by an Instructor

Just like a conventional classroom setting, an instructor-led training is offered in the same sense. The class will be instructed either in person or online by a trainer who is often a high ranking company staff or an outside consultant. Due to the absolute focus required by students for a given period of time, this type of training is considered the most time-consuming. However, this type of training is quite ideal and serves as advantageous to new staffs and important procedure changes.

Learning Online

This method of learning is quite conducive for many as students are allowed to go through online learning experiences at their own time. Indeed, it is quite beneficial as it is common to have access to prerecorded lectures and assessment services. In fact, any worker that is motivated and can carry on learning with the exception of close supervision, online learning enlightens them on new skills.

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Combined Learning

In order to provide students with a more grounded education, this type of training blends in instructor-led training and online studies. As a result of this, both live and online training classes can be participated in by trainees. Indeed, the combination of these trainings is aimed at providing students with the best of both.

On-demand Performance Support

Easy and quick access is provided to workers through the help of on-demand performance support. In order to effectively get back to work, workers tend to use this when they forget something or come across an issue they have not seen before.


It can be agreed upon that the 10 free online customer service training tools discussed above are significant to organizations. Indeed, the necessary skills and vital knowledge for an effective customer service is provided by them. Therefore, it can be said that the customer service staff can improve his skills with the variety of features offered by these tools.

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