More Departments Added by France Government due to Increase In COVID – GCFRNG

French authorities have deployed seven more sectors covering the capitals such as Lille, Strasbourg and Dijon in preparation as an increase in the spread of COVID-19 spreads, the government said on Sunday.

Of the 101 departments in the French foreign ministry, 28 are now perceived as the “red zone” where authorities will be able to put in place special measures to reduce the number of new coronavirus cases.

The release comes as France reported a record of nearly 9,000 cases per day on Friday, as well as another 8,550 cases in the past 24 hours on Saturday, when the country’s test rate reached 4.7 percent.

Paris and the Bouches-du-Rhone section of the southeastern city of Lyon were heavily guarded by the government on August 14 when the disease began to rise.

That has prompted local officials to seek cover in all public spaces to reduce the spread of the virus, hoping to avoid an increase in cases that could fill another hospital as autumn approaches.

The health agency Sante Publique France, which warned of an increase in “needs”, said on Saturday that 53 new clusters had been identified in the past 24 hours, bringing the number under review to 484.

Twelve Covid-19 deaths have been reported, up from 30,698 since the outbreak began last March.

Concerns about the tragedy have led staff to close 22 schools after a series of lawsuits a few days after students returned from vacation last week, and several classrooms have been suspended.

On Sunday, the government said that in the near future, kindergarten teachers and those with deaf students will be provided with a blindfold to increase understanding of the level of education necessary for children.

Sophie Cluzel, the state secretary for disability, said, “More than 100,000 of these covers will be available by the end of this month.”



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